What should I ask for at a hair salon? cover

What should I ask for at a hair salon?

Choosing a hair salon in Winnipeg means researching some of the best of all in the city. You may have recommendations from friends, colleagues and family or you might have seen an advert that attracted you. There are many professional and highly regarded salons in the city, so where do you start looking? 

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The best way to make a choice is to ask a few questions of salons that you like the look of. We’ve got a few of those questions listed below, so let’s check them out now and see if we can help you find your Winnipeg hair salon. 

What Services do they Offer?

If you want a good example of a top Hair Salon Near Me – Savile Row Salon is one that we would suggest fits the bill. The first thing you need to ask is for their menu of services. Whether they are the right salon for will depend upon them providing the service you need. Are you after a full makeover for your hair? Perhaps you want it colouring? 

You need to check that they have experts in the area of hair care and attention that is right for you. That brings us neatly to the next point, which is essential if you are to feel comfortable with a new hair stylist and salon. 

What Experience and Qualifications do they Have?

A good salon will have information about experience and qualifications of their team on display, and you can ask to see where they have trained and what level they reached. There is no harm in asking such questions as you need to be certain that the stylist who works with you will be able to perform to your satisfaction.

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There is a reason that many of us form a long-term relationship with our hair and beauty salon, and that’s because we get to know the person involved and appreciate the work they put in. Having your hair done isn’t like any other retail experience, it’s also an enjoyable time to spend with people you appreciate. So that’s why our next point is important.

Can You Choose Your Stylist?

We suggest that you visit a few salons in Winnipeg as you want to find one that has a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere and that you will feel at home in. You also want to ask to meet the stylist that will be working with you. This will give you some insight into their personality and whether they are the person you want working on your hair. 

If you are not certain ask if you can meet other stylists and perhaps choose the one who you get on with the best? This often happens as stylists have their regular clients who request their services. This is another reason to check out salons as they all have a different approach and their may be one in which you feel more at home than another. All that remains now is for us to cover the mundane yet essential subject of insurance. 

Are they Insured? 

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Any hair salon should have public liability insurance. Accidents in hair salons are not common, but things can go wrong in any environment. The salon manager will be more than happy to show you the up-to-date certificate that proves they are fully insured for your added peace of mind.

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We hope that the above points help you in finding the right hair salon in Winnipeg, and we’ve given you a good example to start with. Enjoy your new salon and look forward to a lasting relationship with a professional stylist.

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