How can a modern man avoid being bombarded by stereotypes?

How can we escape being subjected to a barrage of stereotypes? You may say it is better to abstract and do not bother. It’s not quite that straightforward. Some of the usual comments made about trendy guys in our magazines will require a thorough answer. Not once, not twice, not even ten times. Males are the ones who make derogatory remarks about other men. Because most men are “well aware of what a true guy should appear and dress like.”

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Even if we may now stand in the twenty-first century, fashion archaisms continue to loom over the frightened and bashful thoughts of people everywhere. A homosexual guy is still frequently connected with a trendy man in today’s society. Suppose you dress conservatively, with a bow tie, loafers, and bare feet, then you are straight. If you dress in tailored suits suited to your specific body type, you are definitely gay. 

Finding the ideal pair of shoes is very time-consuming. However, if there are ten of them in your closet – that’s homosexual times ten. If you are well-versed in the perfumery – gay for sure. That’s how it works. Unfortunately for most men, it is not required to pay close attention to their physical appearance and clothing at all. If you only perform the bare minimum of care, which is frequently lowered to micro or micron, you will be OK. The “normal” care routine of a man is considered to take a shower every day, shave once a week, and comb your hair every morning… everything else can be deemed as hardcore gay.

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It’s difficult to recall a time when a powerful men’s outfit was associated with powdered hair, rubbery mustaches, lace ruffles, and velvet bodices to signify their courage. But now, for some reason, magnificent double-breasted coats with pocket squares, silk scarves, and hats made of silk are considered “gay.”

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We know that you get this response from those people because they are either out of shape, don’t know how to dress, or don’t care for themselves. It’s illogical to mix the desire to be attractive and well-groomed with affection to the same sex. The majority of women are well-groomed and have good taste. At the very least, they deserve a partner who appreciates her looks and will most likely spend the same amount of time on self-image themselves. 

Another aspect is that most men don’t care enough about their hairstyle. They have wavy hair and perceive it to be a fashionable aspect rather than something to be feared or avoided. Some even don’t brush their teeth or comb their hair before leaving the house. They claim that comfort takes precedence above all other considerations. They also feel that beauty products and other fashionable items are only for women to enjoy. It is a well-known truth that guys are notorious for being either fashion-forward to the extreme or utterly oblivious to it while the truth is somewhere in the middle. As a result, we have become accustomed to hurling harsh and unpleasant insults at individuals who represent the popular golden mean.

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