DolceGabbana Mens AW 2022 Milan cover

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Fall 2022 Milan

Watch the Dolce&Gabbana Men’s Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

The look is composed of a sleeveless #DolceGabbana oversized jersey T-shirt with #DGFattoAMano coloured graffiti by Rocco Pezzella a.k.a. Boche, black and white printed graffiti leggings, hammered leather cuissard boots, black leather fingerless gloves embroidered with chain details, necklaces and bracelets with pearls and #DGLogo.

Personalized with the unique art and vision of Rocco Pezzella, a.k.a. Boche, whose imaginary universe originated through experimentation and a multidisciplinary approach, part of the #DolceGabbana collection becomes the new symbol of #DGFattoAMano, contaminated by the raw energy of the street.

Right when you were thinking one could drown in all the laudable sustainable menswear on display in Milan, along comes Dolce & Gabbana to wake the whole city up with some moda alla Machine Gun Kelly on Saturday. 

Even before the season had begun on Friday, Kelly and his fiancé Megan Fox had caused a sensation in the Italian fashion capital when paparazzi captured her exiting Dolce & Gabbana’s headquarters sporting a giant bling diamond ring, fresh from his recent proposal in Puerto Rico to the actress.

The American rocker and rapper opened and closed the show, first in a glistening ivory suit cut with double-breasted eight-button jacket, and last in a star-studded black suit with peg-leg pants and oversized jacket. Somehow, it looked like they had dyed his hair from platinum blonde to Celtic red during the show. 
For his final passage, Machine Gun even took off his jacket and handed it gallantly to Megan in the front row. Fox mock swooned.

Kelly was also kept performing several of his best tunes, and playing both organ and guitar, climaxing with ‘Bloody Valentine’. 

Throughout, both the backdrop and the catwalk were giant videos of graffiti graphics and agitprop patterns. The same graffiti used in fantastic Lower East Side futura 2000-style coats, puffers, over-shirts and gigantic cargo pants.

Some of the puffers and down coats were so monumental they made Balenciaga look minimalist. While the collection was also crammed with DG logos – seen in chunky knits; monogram priestly coats; ski bonnets and huge totes. So many logos it echoed the now discontinued D&G of the aughts.

And just when the graphics got overpowering, Domenico and Stefano suddenly changed gear and sent out some wickedly well-cut tailoring – perfectly hung, wraparound tuxedos worn with leggings; freakishly wide-shouldered velour bomber jackets and surgically sharp jackets with reversed lapels.

It being Dolce & Gabbana, there had to be some tight underwear worn by boys with machine gun abs, this month paired with boxing champion dressing gowns and kingly, rap-god wraps with fur collars.

The collection was about ten looks too long, but it didn’t really matter, as the show was powered along by Kelly’s rolling soundtrack.
“The simulation just went bad. But you’re the best I ever had. Like hand prints in wet cement. She touched me it’s permanent,” roared out the hip-hop rocker from Cleveland.

Garnering a huge roar and almost single-handedly saving an overly quiet Milan season, before taking his bow with the design duo.

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