Getting in Shape Workout Ideas for Seniors

Getting in Shape Workout Ideas for Seniors

A healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise regime are essential for people of all ages. But, quitting the sedentary lifestyle becomes all the more critical for seniors. Staying active ensures that your bones and muscles stay strong and function normally. Studies clearly indicate that working out improves balance and lowers the risk of slips and falls. The sense of independence and ability to take care of themselves assures low stress and anxiety levels, mental fortitude, and resistance to typical age-related diseases. Most importantly, a fitter body has a better immune system and thus, is less prone to illnesses. People who exercise have shorter recovery times after problems like stroke or heart disease. 

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Seniors Should Choose their Workouts Carefully

It’s never too later to give up a sedentary lifestyle and get moving. But, before you pick up an exercise routine, check with your medical practitioner, and get a clean bill of health. You’ll also pick workouts that help build and strengthen your core muscles and leg muscles and boost stamina. Choose the activities that you enjoy and pace yourself while your body adapts. Make exercising a habit and get a roll-on pain reliever to combat muscle soreness and stiffness that you’ll inevitably feel. Don’t let the lack of stamina deter you, and stay determined to keep moving.

Workouts Are Not Just About Weight Loss

Once you resolve to get back in shape, remember that working out is not just about losing weight. Of course, dropping pounds and inches is essential for a healthier lifestyle. For starters, you’ll keep away and control ailments like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Side by side, the raised heart rates, boost in blood circulation, and infusion of oxygen do wonders for your overall health and wellness. Search around for community centers and seniors’ groups committed to a fitter lifestyle. Joining them will give you an excuse to get out of the house, meet other people, and make more friends to keep loneliness away.

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Choose Exercises that Match Your Physique

If you’re adopting a more active lifestyle for the first time, it is advisable to work with a personal trainer. A professional will assess your fitness levels and direct you on suitable workouts where you’re unlikely to suffer an injury. Read ahead for an overview of some of the best routines for seniors.


Walking is possibly the easiest way to incorporate more exercise into everyday living. If you have difficulty walking, set goals that you can manage comfortably. Walking through the park or following a nearby trail is a great way to start. 

Water Aerobics

This form of exercise is ideal for seniors with arthritis and joint pain. The water adds buoyancy, so your joints are less stressed while adding just the right amount of resistance for strength training.

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Pilates is suitable for seniors looking to improve lung function, core strength, and balance, but with low-impact routines. You can do pilates by using mats and inflated accessories like balls. 

Tai Chi

Tai chi workouts are recommended for seniors since they include a series of gentle, deliberate, and flowing motions designed to provide multiple benefits. You’ll build flexibility, balance, and muscle tone while improving breathing.

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Chair Yoga

Yoga has a whole range of benefits, but if you’re uncomfortable sitting on the ground, the next option is performing asanas while seated in a chair. This form of yoga won’t stress your joints and bones but helps improve lung function and strengthen your bones and muscles.

The right age for a more active lifestyle is today!

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