The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men

The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men

In today’s world, being well-groomed isn’t just a pleasantry for men; it’s a must. Taking care of your appearance has a huge impact on every aspect of your life, from your work to your relationships, and especially on your mental health and wellbeing.

The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men

The Rise Of The Metrosexual

Being a well-groomed man used to be laughed at. In the 90s, the term “metrosexual” was coined and used in a derogatory form to describe a man who took a particular interest in the way he looked or dressed.

These days, ‘metrosexual’ still has bad connotations with narcissism, but being a well-groomed gentleman has actually become fashionable again, and it’s about time too!

How to Be Well Groomed

Being well-groomed is a lifestyle choice, not a fashion. Taking a serious look at your grooming means improving all aspects of your life, but the good news is that once you start on your journey of self-improvement, you will see the results quickly!

The fashion for self-improvement has been a really key aspect in movements such as stoicism, an ancient philosophy based on ideas of personal responsibility.

The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men

Here are the six areas of personal grooming you should be focusing on.

Hair and Body Hair

Get a signature style that works for your lifestyle and your hair type. A buzz cut all over might be super useful if you’re in fitness for a living, but if you’re working in the city, then you’re likely to feel out of place. Equally, if you’re hair is thinning in places, perhaps it’s time to restyle those longer locks.

As for body hair, it’s a personal choice but most men find that less is more, and no one likes to see ear hair.

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Skin Care

This area is a must for well-groomed men. Invest in high-quality products from a company like the London Grooming Company who really care about men and men’s skincare. Using products made for men is an important step for looking your best.

The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men


There’s no doubt that a sharp, well-tailored suit is always a good look for a man, but a full three-piece suit isn’t always appropriate for every situation.

In situations where a more casual look is called for, ensure that you are picking well-fitted clothes and pairing the right colors together so that you don’t clash or stand out and that your accessories such as a watch and travel bag are smart enough to complete your look


Real men smile, and real men smile with nice teeth. If you’ve never been too concerned about good dental care, now is the time to start. Brush twice a day, floss after every meal, and use a fluoride mouth wash.

The Six Aspects Of Good Grooming For Men

Nails and Hands

No-one likes dirty nails, and dry, chapped hands are a major turn-off. Clean your nails (in private) every day and use hand cream to keep your hands soft to the touch.

Improve Your Attitude

The last aspect of good grooming is a good attitude. Your manners make you the man that you are. Sharpen your manners, and study what it means to be a real gentleman. This tip alone will have a major improvement in your life.

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