5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online

5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online

Have you ever wondered how so many online influencers make a living? Do they have a nine to five job and only after that make videos? Not too many people know that the internet can make you serious amounts of money and make you quit your daily job.

5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online

Aside from the vast digital industry and working as a programmer or marketer, many people only take pictures and videos for a living. They post them on social media and make loads of money. If you’re a man and like the idea, you surely want to know how it’s done.

In this article, we share the five essential steps to make a career as an influencer. You don’t need particular skills or knowledge. Follow the steps we talk about below, and you’ll surely make it in no time.

1. Looking perfect is imperative

First, understand that literally more than half of the entire world population is online. Not all are creators; most are consumers, but the market is enormous, and competition is fearless. If you want to make it big, you must be fully dedicated to the idea.

If you love working out and look relatively good, you need to get the best of yourself. Get yourself some of the best Optimum Nutrition supplements, get shredded, and then get ready for posting. Make sure you look perfect before posting anything.

Some might ask why is this crucial? Because everyone looks great out there. Millions post content while looking fabulous, and you need to stand out. Give your followers something new and something that they won’t resist. That’s how you’ll become a top star.

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5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online

2. Be active on most social media

You probably already have social media accounts. With over four billion active Facebook users, it’s hard to think that you don’t have an account there. Use your existing accounts, but don’t forget to open new platform accounts on which you’re still not active.

Some of the best paying apps are Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Snapchat pays up to a million US dollars every day for its successful content creators. It is similar on most other social platforms where some users generate tremendous income.

For example, Kylie Jenner became a billionaire by simply posting content online. She has hundreds of millions of followers across multiple networks and charges up to a million per sponsored post. That explains how much this job can make you.

Among men, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most successful. Aside from being one of the best football (soccer) players in the world, Cristiano makes up to $400,000 per sponsored post, and you’ve seen how he looks, so get shredded before posting.

3. Invest in great equipment

5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online
Handsome young man portrait. Men wearing fashionable sunglasses Sunny day.

You can’t make videos and photos with a camera made ten years ago. Technology is moving forward, and you want the latest equipment. Invest in an amazing smartphone camera, or get a professional one that you’ll later connect to your accounts.

Another thing to mind is the lighting. Get yourself professional lighting when you’re recording yourself because if it’s not perfect, followers will immediately swipe their screens and continue scrolling. Everything has to be ideal if you want to be successful.

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4. Don’t forget to connect your payment account

All social media pay their successful content creators, but you must have a connected bank account and turn on the professional account if you want this to happen. To be a professional content creator, you need to connect your payment account.

Most social media platforms support working with PayPal. Some will even allow you to connect your bank account and transfer money directly to it. The only thing is that everyone has their own method, and you need to go through all of them and connect different accounts to be sure that you’re getting paid.

5. Keep posting and creating new content

Once you have everything set up, you’re ready to start. If you have your account connected, got yourself the perfect lighting and camera, worked enough in the gym, and now look stunning, you are sure ready to go.

5 Steps on How Shredded Men Make Money Online
Handsome young man portrait. Men wearing fashionable sunglasses Sunny day.

Think about what will be interesting for your followers. Experiment a little and come up with some ideas. Don’t be afraid to try several ideas and see what has the best feedback. Your followers will show you what they like the most about you. Once a video or photo goes viral, you’ll know which direction to continue.


The internet is highly unpredictable. Everyone who made it will tell you that rules break on social media every five seconds. You can never be sure what will work for consumers. Be dedicated and never give up. It only takes one moment and one perfect shot to grow from zero to the most successful social media star in your city.

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