Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

The news these days shows you how the global economic crisis is growing. Oil prices are skyrocketing, and it’s clear that we’re about to face another challenging year. Tons of problems weigh over us, and most people seem highly ignorant of them.

Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

From obesity to high oil prices to global warming, all these issues can be significantly improved and resolved by implementing a unique transportation device in our lives – its majesty, the bicycle.

Riding a bike is gold, and cyclists undoubtedly live better lives than anyone else out there. If you think we’re exaggerating, we’re about to prove this to you. Follow up and read these five points to show you some fantastic benefits from bike riding. If we all become bikers, the planet will become a much better place to live on.

1. Cycling improves health

The number one reason to ride a bike is being healthy. There are so many scientific proofs pointing to it that not doing it is sabotaging yourself. Cycling improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens and builds your muscles across the entire body, improves your immune system, and raises the production of happiness hormones, making you happy and satisfied with life.

Imagine how bored, frustrated, and anxious you feel while sitting in the car waiting for the green light to turn on. Your mind wanders off to negativity because your surroundings incite it. On the other hand, cycling means breathing fresh air, exercising while traveling, and helping you stay healthy in general.

Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

2. It makes you lose weight

Over 650 million people worldwide are obese, and billions are battling to prevent becoming overweight. These people lack exercise in their lives, and aside from changing their unhealthy diets, they need to start working out.

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If they start going to work by bike, they’ll significantly reduce their weight, and surely get out of the overweight graph. Just 20 minutes of cycling per day can transform you from an unhealthy person into a perfectly shaped one. That’s why you need to consider biking if you’re struggling with obesity.

3. Saves a ton of money for transport

Fuel consumption is different from one driver to another, but car owners will generally spend somewhere between five and ten thousand US dollars per year on fuel. Riding a bike is free of charge. You pay zero dollars with each ride. 

Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

If we consider the price of the vehicles that sell from $10,000 and above and the maintenance that will “eat” a few hundred dollars too, it’s really unclear why people still choose to drive cars on short destinations instead of riding the bike. Even going by public transport means you need to pay money for it, while cycling is entirely free.

4. Maintaining your bike keeps you busy

Bike owners and lovers will spend a lot of time maintaining their bicycles. They love doing this. It takes the mind off problems and keeps them busy with something they love. On the other hand, maintaining a bike is much easier than maintaining a motorized vehicle.

All parts are easily replaceable and way more affordable than those on cars. You can order everything online and replace it in your garage without spending money on professional mechanics. For example, you can buy Shimano online to replace the exhausted gears. Shimano is one of the top manufacturers of bike parts in the world.

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Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

5. Saves the environment

Last but definitely not least is the fact that cycling will save the planet. If all 1.446 billion motorized vehicles are taken off the streets and replaced with bikes, the gas emotions in the world will disappear, and our planet will easily battle off global warming.

Additionally, our cities will become clean and have fresh breathing air. Right now, millions of people die from unhealthy and polluted air every year. Biking emits no gas and keeps cities and the planet safe and clean.


Why Cyclists Live Better Than Everyone Else?

We can quote at least a dozen more reasons that thoroughly explain why cycling is fantastic, but we decided to stick to these five above. As you can see, bikes affect all aspects of our lives. They take care of our health, looks, budget, mental health, and they even take care of the environment around us and the entire planet.

Not owning a bicycle means that you’re ignoring all of your problems, and you’re not seeking a solution. Instead of wondering how to improve your life and become happier, this article should be the starting point to make some changes and become responsible for your actions. Get yourself a bicycle and see how things turn around.

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