What Should Be in a Man's Basic Wardrobe?

What Should Be in a Man’s Basic Wardrobe?

As a rule, men rarely think about fashion trends, about what image they should make today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, in order to look as respectable and respectable as possible. However, an attractive appearance is not necessarily a lot of effort and time spent. Only 7 things should be in the basic wardrobe of a man so that he can always find the right look and look appropriate in any situation. So, let’s consider what basic things in a man’s wardrobe must be present and why.

What Should Be in a Man's Basic Wardrobe?

The main task when creating a basic wardrobe is to collect a set of things that will allow you to create many harmonious looks. The more things fit together, the better you did the job.


A coat is a universal thing and always a win-win image. A man in a coat is stylish, elegant and attractive, and it is also an indirect sign of a successful person. However, it is important that the coat meets certain criteria, in particular:

It should be a perfect silhouette and sit perfectly on the figure. Quality is the key to a beautiful and durable thing. The coat should cover the length of every jacket in a man’s wardrobe. It is also important that the coat should be as comfortable as possible. That is, it should be comfortable not only to go to work, but also to drive a car, walk in the park and sit at the airport waiting for a flight.

When choosing a coat for a basic wardrobe, it is better to look at things with a classic cut. Style is more important than fashion.

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It is unlikely that anyone will argue about the fact that jeans are now present in the wardrobe of every man and from workwear they have long turned into the most versatile pants, which, subject to a number of conditions, are not ashamed to feast, and to the world, and to good people. .

Therefore, it is better to start compiling a basic wardrobe with jeans. First choose the desired silhouette in navy blue without scuffs. The second jeans are summer, they can be blue or with scuffs. If you are claiming to be more or less a fashion character, the third jeans should be trendy. Last season, it was jeans with a lot of scuffs, this time it was black coated slims.

T-shirts and shirts

Each guy must have at least seven T-shirts in his wardrobe, and at least three of them are polo shirts. This is not counting underwear T-shirts. The colors must match perfectly. T-shirts with funny inscriptions do not participate in the competition.


One V-neck sweater is required, it can be worn both with shirts and with a turtleneck. Accordingly, a turtleneck. Button-down cardigan – it can be combined with t-shirts and shirts (more on how and with what to wear a men’s cardigan). One warm sweater. Gate – which one you like.

Classic suit

Every man in the wardrobe should have at least one suit for everyday wear. It can be of any color – blue, gray, brown, plaid, etc. The only recommendation is that the black suit looks quite strict and solid, it is better to leave it for festive and special occasions.

Now, with the help of a casual suit, you can create absolutely any image – strict, youth, work, walking, etc. Modern fashion allows you to wear under a suit not only a strict shirt or vest, but also a turtleneck, sweater or pullover. In addition, you can even wear sneakers or polo under the suit – it will look stylish and modern. It is desirable that a men’s casual suit meet the following criteria:

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A quality winter suit is usually made of wool or tweed. However, the synthetic fibers in the fabric help keep things looking their best, so for everyday wear, it’s best to opt for a 50/50 blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

The ideal fabric for a summer suit is cotton or linen, but such suits wrinkle a lot. The recommendation is the same: take high-quality cotton and linen, see that the composition contains a small percentage of synthetic fibers.

In the age of leisure sports, the popularity of the poor old suit has suffered a little. But the polo shirt is just what you need to create a new look. Taken individually, the suit and Ralph Lauren shirt are pretty standard pieces in a man’s wardrobe. But together they are a classic example of how using existing things in an inventive way will bear fruit.

Finding these benefits is easy. Starting with a navy blue, gray or black suit or blazer, wear a polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie. It’s hard to go wrong with color as well, as a tonal polo shirt that mimics the shade of your suit will work just as easily as a contrasting design.

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