Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly

Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly

You may know burlap bag by a different name but it’s mostly made from the jute plant. Interestingly there is no synthetic material used and only natural stuff is used in its making.

Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly

Most probably you will know burlap bags from their role as sacks used for carrying and storing grain and other stuff. But if you think that its usage is limited to it, you are wrong. A burlap bag is used for a lot of things from craft projects, and home décor to so much more. In other words, you can use your bag of potatoes for so much more. Keep reading and all will be cleared.

  • The foremost use of burlap bags is food storage. Though most obvious, it’s the most viable solution to store your grains.
  • Though burlap will feel too rough to be used as bed sheets, you can make interesting bed skirts of them. Take out your sewing machine and get started.
  • Your burlap bag can be used to cover the rough flower pots. It will create a pleasing outlook for your garden.
Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly
  • The rustic rugged look of burlap makes them ideal to be used as curtains or window drapes. They will need no extra craftiness. Just make sure they go with your overall interior.
  • Many plants are negatively affected by UV exposure. Use burlap bags to form a sunshade for plants. Similarly, you can use them to protect your shrubs from cold, especially at night.
  • You can use your burlap to DIY lamp shades. If you have a lamp whose shade is wearing out, try using burlap to cover it up. It will have a nice simple look.
  • Burlap can make great cushions. You can make entire covers of them or use them to add additional designs on your cushions.
  • If you are searching for a unique way to pack your gift, burlap is your solution. Their rusty, rugged look will provide a pleasingly aesthetic appearance.
  • You can use burlap for making ribbons to tie your curtains or napkin rings. Try making wreaths from burlap bags.
  • With a little customization, burlap bags can be efficiently used to carry your stuff on short trips. Their strong fabric will ensure that your stuff doesn’t spill away. Or you can make a handbag out of them. A tutorial can be easily found on the internet. 
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Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly
  • When you are bored, try sack racing using burlap bags. It will be fun.
  • A burlap bag can be used to make a durable and cheap herb garden. You can hang it on the wall by making small pockets. 
  • Instead of buying a ready-made dog bed, reuse your burlap bag to create your dog bed. By filling the burlap with cotton or old clothes, you can make a warm, comfy bed for your dog.
Use Your Burlap Bag Smartly
  • If you are up for it, you can use burlap bags as wallpaper for your living room.
  • Lastly, burlap bags can be used to create fabric boxes. You can store your shoes, clothes, toys and much more in them.

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