Manu Rios for GQ Spain September 2022

Actor Manu Rios for GQ Spain September 2022 Issue

Spanish actor Manu Rios stars the new GQ Spain September 2022 Issue, he’s well-known actor for his role as Patrick Blanco Commerford on the Netflix series ‘Elite’.

“Beauty is a double-edged sword for an actor or an actress and the only way they have to show that they are not there because of their pretty face is by taking on challenges. This is not at all a role made for him, quite the opposite, and it has been launched. Those who do usually go a long way.”

Manu Rios
Manu Rios photographed by Malick Bodian for GQ Spain September 2022 Issue8
Outfit Prada

Far from what it may seem, Manu Ríos is not a newcomer to the world of show business. Despite his young age (he will be 24 years old in 2022), he has been working in acting, dance and music for more than 15 years in projects such as the Les Miserables musical, in which he played the young Gavroche.

11 million followers on Instagram alone and the weight on his shoulders is evident: “When I was a child, although I have always taken everything very seriously, there was no pressure beyond having a good time, but that has now changed, mainly because there are more people watching me and I feel a greater responsibility”, argues the actor. “On a professional level, I think it’s important to be clear about where I want to go and reflect that in my image and in the things I do. On a personal level, we live in a moment of great social movements and for me it is important to take advantage of the loudspeaker that I have to transmit a good message. For this, I think it is essential to educate yourself and know what you are saying so that this message makes sense. Obviously, it’s not like that all the time and I don’t feel that I’m obliged to do it either, I try not to dwell on it too much, but there are specific moments in which we must apply that responsibility. Staying true to myself whenever I upload something is a priority for me.”

Actor Manu Rios for GQ Spain September 2022
Double-breasted jacket and marbled wool pants by Bottega Veneta. American Vintage cotton t-shirt.

“I always try to focus on positive and constructive comments, on the affection that people give me, but it is true that if you have a bad day in which you are more insecure, as we all do, a negative comment can sink you, even if it is from someone you neither know nor know you personally”, he confesses.

Over time, he polished the rules of his game and caught the attention of the main international fashion firms, which claim his presence in the first rows of their parades or rub shoulders for dressing him from head to toe. The last one was Jeremy Scott’s Moschino, who invited him to be part of his squad at the Metropolitan Museum Gala in New York: “Sometimes I stop and think ‘Damn, I’ve been to the MET Gala! ‘. I have been watching it since I was a child in the town and, although I have always trusted myself a lot, for me it was unfeasible to attend”. And the story continues: “I remember I was very nervous, but I went with Marc and Bosco –his make-up artist and hairdresser–, who are also my friends. We try to take it in the best possible way and not give it so much importance. In fact, the day before we were sightseeing in New York so as not to think too much about it, and he was still very crazy”.

Manu Rios photographed by Malick Bodian for GQ Spain September 2022 Issue
Silk shirt, high-waisted pants, patent leather ankle boots and Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello belt.

People do not get tired of Manu Ríos and, for now, we will see him in two series and a short film throughout next year. However, it seems not to be enough and the voracity of the times pushes his followers to claim more from him. It is not enough for them to see him on the screen continuously and in different roles, or to refresh his social profiles insatiably, they want more. Now that it seems that he has the bird of acting in hand and holding on tight, the million dollar question is when he will return to music, where he started. Far from avoiding it, Ríos approaches it without duplicity “I think that if you do many things at the same time, in the end nothing works. Today I am focusing all my energy on acting, although music is something that I am not going to neglect. I have a lot of songs recorded and I could put them out, but I don’t want to rush into taking advantage of the moment and post something meaningless or not comfortable with. I would like to create a project well thought out, and that takes time”.

In the link, discover the full story with an interview by @javiergirela, @revistagq.

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Manu Rios photographed by Malick Bodian for GQ Spain September 2022 Issue

Enjoy watching Manu’s essentials for GQ Spain. (Full Spanish language)

Manu Ríos, on the cover of GQ Spain in September, receives GQ to tell us about the ten objects he cannot live without, from his favorite perfume (Orphéon de Dyptique, which we know you are going to ask) to an analog camera or an iron that always goes in his suitcase. In addition, he tells us how he experienced his first Met Gala (in which, among other things, he drank some tequilas with Megan Thee Stallion), how he recorded his first covers on YouTube with the help of his father, and how he finds the best literary recommendations .

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Photography by Malick Bodian @malickbodi 
Styling @joanadelafuente 
Production: @nataliatorrespolo
Make Up Artist and Hair @boscomontesinos
Digital assistant Carlos Givaja
Lighting assistant @gregpths
Fashion assistants @jlcrazy y @piarrq_
Cover design @fervallespin

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