DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami

See Why We Stan DJ Ben Bakson Who Releases “You Got Me” + Exclusive Interview

See Why We Stan DJ Ben Bakson Who Releases “You Got Me” + Exclusive Interview an Original Club Track Featuring Vocals by OMEO the EP includes remixes by GSP, Junyo, Mauro Mozart, Phil Romano, Orel Sabag, and Dan Slater.

DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami

DJ Ben Bakson is out now with ‘You Got Me’, an uplifting original club track that features the incredible vocals of pop singer OMEO.   It encourages listeners walk away from toxic people that keep them from achieving their life goals.  “The song is about leaving the past behind and moving towards a happier, freer self,” Bakson explains.  “It’s about finding peace within and taking back your power.”  OMEO wrote the song and Ben Bakson produced its radio edit and original club remix.    To support the single, Bakson is also releasing a dance package of ‘You Got Me’ with additional remixes by Dan Slater, GSP, Mauro Mozart, Junyo, Orel Sabag, and Phil Romano.  All are available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.

“I’ve known OMEO for many years but when we ran into each other at this year’s Mardi Gras in Sydney, I knew it was kismet,” Bakson continues from his Miami home.  He says the song’s story is one he can relate with.  “I’ve had so many naysayers tell me I couldn’t do this or I was too young to do that. I have gotten rid of them all.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is how important it is to surround oneself with positive people that encourage you to go to the distance.  Anything worth achieving is going to take blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of optimism.”

DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami

Ben Bakson grew up as an only child with two parents in a small village in south Germany where he enjoyed watching movies, listening to music and long days at the lake or sea with family and friends.  At 18 years old, he moved to Berlin to study Economics and after graduating, he landed a marketing job at a large firm.  It was only then that he began dabbling in music production.

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His music style is commercial with hard, emotional, and energetic beats.  Vocals are important to Ben as he believes that they are the soul of every song. In addition to his original compositions, he is noted for re-working famous songs from the 80s and 90s, as he did recently with Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died in your Arms”.  “It’s fun to recreate past hits with fresh vocalists and modern, driving melodies,” Ben Bakson says.

OMEO is a pop singer from Sydney, Australia.  His signature sound is one of smooth tones and warm vocals over electronic beats.  He grew up singing a mix of Soul, R&B, gospel, and pop music. His name is indigenous and means ‘mountains’. It is a reminder to the artist that every mountain top is within and it is important to keep climbing.   OMEO lives by the quote “The best view comes after the hardest climb”.  

DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami

Ben Bakson is currently on a world tour.  He premiered “You Got Me” at his recent parties in Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Washington DC and NYC.   His next events will be in San Diego at the city’s Pride and in Mykonos where he will headline the main event at XLSIOR Festival.   “I can’t wait to open my sets with ‘You Got Me’ because it’s the best feeling in the world to see crowds enjoying music I have made.” 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR FASHIONABLY MALE – But first play this on your device!

FM: Hi Ben, its so nice to meet you, we’re playing your tracks while we’re doing this brief interview. And we love it so far!

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BB: Very happy to hear. Hi Chris, very nice meeting you.

FM: ‘You Got Me’ with OMEO its a vibe! How do you guys come up with this featuring?

BB: OMEO and me met last year for Mardi Gras in Sydney. We already knew and appreciated each others work since a few years. He showed me the new song he wrote and I decided to produce it. We both feel totally connected to “You Got Me”, we both had to learn to let toxic people go in order to have a much better life. So I absolutely had to produce this amazing track.

FM: Your inspiration on your tracks has definitely a glimpse of 80’s and 90’s, combining emotional lyrics with energetic beats and drums.

BB: Yes I personally think that most of the big emotional tracks come from the 80s and 90s. Maybe that´s also my thought because I grew up with those songs. But my experience is that those Private Remixes work very well on the Dancefloor. 

DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami

FM: You need to come to New Orleans for Southern Decadence (the biggest LGBTQ+ on town– event considered as the Mardi GRAS for the community) and play some of your tunes. Have you been in NoLA?

BB: I have been one time in New Orleans. Such a beautiful city. I am absolutely open to talk about spinning at a nice event of your city. Please let the organizer know to hit me up with the dates and we can discuss details 😛

FM: Tell us one good experience when you’re behind the turntable.

BB: I really love my job which is because to a very big part I have positive experiences behind the turntable. My job is to make people happy, let them forget the stress they might have in their lives, let them dance and connect with people. A happy crowd is everything for me and thankfully I can experience this every weekend. ❤️

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FM: What’s your coming next project?

BB: Many things to come. I am booked to spin at events all around the world every weekend. In the next months and especially next year I have many major events upcoming. In my free time in between I am constantly working on new Remixes to be up to date with fresh music. I am also working on several options of collaboration for my next original Track. I can´t say more about that yet.

DJ Ben Bakson by Photo Studio Miami


Favorite DJ for your consideration Deborah de Luca.
Favorite Remix of your favorite artist Maya Simatov / YinonYahel – by Myself.
Best place to dance all night long (club / Bar / event) Mykonos XLSIOR Festival.
Best outfit to go out and enjoy your tracks However you feel comfortable.
Your best tool (turntable) to DJ is? A CDJ 3000.

Share your Playlist (Apple Music / Spotify) to party. I only listen to sets on Soundcloud check my profile out there and follow my journey. 😊

FM: Thank you Ben so much any words you’d like to share for all party-goers and fans around the world? I am looking forward to see every single one of you on my Worldtour. Let´s get together and have the best night of our Lives.

Ben Bakson’s “You Got Me” featuring OMEO is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and all platforms.

Follow DJ Ben Bakson on IG @ben_bakson.
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