What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?

Let’s face it, we all have our nightly rituals set in stone. Whether this involves having a hot beverage, reading a specific passage of a book, or watching a particular television show, there are plenty of unique things that we all do before we climb into bed. 

One of these universal activities involves changing into our nighttime clothes. 

While women’s sleepwear is a constant source of conversation, there’s not much of a discussion about the mens pajamas currently on the market, or a general conversation about men’s sleepwear – despite there being a huge market for it.

That’s when this article comes in. Here are some of the most common things that most men wear to bed.

Boxer Shorts

Boxers are a very common sleepwear item for men. This clothing item is comfortable, loose, and free enough to help men achieve a good night of quality sleep without being disrupted at all hours. Wearing boxers also helps to protect their privacy at night.

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?


Men also wear briefs to bed. These are generally a much tighter fit than a pair of boxer shorts meaning they will not slide off halfway through the night. Plus, they are also very comfortable. Again, briefs also provide a sense of privacy and protection for men at nighttime while still keeping them feeling cool at all times.

Both boxers and briefs come in various styles and patterns that cover everything from cartoons to bright block colors. This means there is a pair of briefs or boxers out there to fit just about any style preference!

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?

Pajama Shorts

A step above wearing only underwear to bed is pajama shorts. A large majority of men will opt for pajama shorts at nighttime as they believe it to be more sanitary than only wearing underwear. It also helps some men to feel a lot cleaner as they slide under the covers.

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In addition to being comfortable and gentle on the skin, pajama shorts also reduce the risk of night sweats. This means they’ll last longer than other forms of sleepwear and will also improve airflow and circulation.

Pajama Pants

Another clothing option for men to wear to bed is pajama pants. These are especially great during the colder months when there is a slight chill in the air. 

Pajama pants are much longer than pajama shorts and provide considerably more protection from the cold weather outside. They also provide a little bit of coverage for men who do not want their legs exposed as they sleep.

These also usually come with drawstrings which means that men can adjust the pajama pants to ensure as tight or loose of a fit as is necessary or comfortable. 

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?

Light Undershirts

Some men find it difficult to get into bed shirtless and instead opt to wear a light undershirt instead. Not only does this provide some coverage but it still keeps men feeling cool all night long due to a loose fit. They’re also very cheap to purchase and often make men feel more attractive.

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?

Thick Socks

A winter weather staple is a pair of thick socks. Some people frown upon wearing socks to bed but, sometimes, it’s just what is needed to keep the heat in! Thick socks are also an excellent way of protecting men’s feet from the coldness of a hardwood floor, if applicable.

These types of socks should only be worn once before being washed due to a build-up of sweat and dirt in the material.

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On the coldest winter nights, or when the air conditioner is blasting, it’s not uncommon to see men wearing a pair of sweatpants to bed – with or without an undershirt on top. Sweatpants are typically made out of a thick fleece-like material and are designed to keep the heat in while providing excessive levels of comfort to the wearer.

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?


A lot of men argue that going to bed completely naked keeps their bodies cool. This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering how warm men tend to run, and how quickly they can generate heat.

If a man goes to bed wearing a full pair of thick pajamas there is a huge chance that they will generate too much heat and become overheated, causing serious disruption to their sleep. 

What Do Most Men Wear to Bed?


And that concludes our article! Most men will wear at least one of these things to bed at night, although the precise decision will be governed by the environment they’re in, how they feel, and the temperature of the room.

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