Tom Ford Mens Fall 2023 New York cover

Tom Ford Men’s Fall 2023 New York

This is Tom Ford menswear Fall 2023/2024 collection, for a dapper, hyper sophisticated men, wearable and luxurious garments for you to consider.

The idea of what reads as ‘hyper sophisticated’ today has totally moved on post COVID, if it hasn’t already in the years before. It’s only natural therefor that while the suits remain an important part of a Tom Ford collection, he’s slowly but steadily added more casual options to accommodate a new reality where a majority of people find it acceptable to wear athleisure clothes 24/7.

This collection emphasizes a lot more on outerwear and that’s arguably an easier sell than yet another fancy dinner jacket or suit that his customer already has (the shapes haven’t really changed much in the years past) – In another discussion I brought up an interesting parallel between Tom Ford and Haider Ackermann and that’s the shared lushness and a confident, yet sophisticated eye for color in their work – I therefor can’t help but think the customer who might enjoy the combination of a lavender shearling aviator worn with a matching v-neck might have just as well been enticed to buy from Haider’s few collections at Berluti.

That leaves me with the conclusion that when Tom Ford chooses to resign, Haider Ackermann would be the candidate most befitting to guarantee not only a smooth transition but also energize the brand with a new momentum. I don’t really see his style much in the lineage of French couturiers but at a brand with a decidedly mature and sophisticated point of view like Tom Ford (or even Zegna/Agnona).

˝I find this all to be likable, wearable and luxurious… which to me is the point of the label. I’m not going to TF to make a statement.˝


A collection of essentials, a good return to the original Tom Ford look but much more modernized. 
I love the blue and lilac for men…Simply delicious and the velvet suits are kinda expected but refreshing compared to the usual very loud dinner jackets.

He is setting the foundation for his legacy and exit and it’s done quite in a subtle way. It will be interesting to see how the collections and campaigns of this year will look like.


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