Mastering the Fashion Game: Casino-Inspired Looks for the Fashion-Forward Man

Mastering the Fashion Game: Casino-Inspired Looks for the Fashion-Forward Man

A fashion-forward man is ready to stand out, a man whose handsomeness, appeal, and assertiveness are a few of his qualities. When he enters the room, people can tell he’s different; part of that charm is his presentable look.

Mastering the Fashion Game: Casino-Inspired Looks for the Fashion-Forward Man

A fashion-forward man can master the style game with casino-inspired looks, evoking the thrill of a live casino game. Whether a high-roller suit for a formal event, a poker player’s chic outfit for a black-tie occasion, or a casual ensemble with casino-themed accessories, these looks exude confidence and sophistication, making a stylish statement that’s sure to turn heads at any event.

For men willing to step out of the ordinary, take a fashionable gamble and incorporate some casino-inspired flair into your wardrobe, bringing the excitement of the game to your style. Just keep scrolling as we address how to perfect that irresistible fierce look. 

Casino Fashion: A Brief History

Somewhere between the 1920s and 1950s, there was a shift in the fashion industry. History called for a change, and the casino look came into play, inspiring sophistication and mystique. Fashionable choices such as tuxedos, cocktail dresses, and fine ensembles distinguished the staple of this fashionable era. But then came the 90s, and fashion took another major turn into dominance and extravaganza.

Men’s fashion became livelier with bold, colorful patterns. Men were no longer restricted to regular polo shirts and Oxford button-down shirts. They were free to wear what they wanted, enabling more room for individuality to display that fashion withstands the ordinary.

Casino-Inspired Looks for Men

Think of James Bond, Cary Grant, and George Clooney: the main leading characters wearing suits. Undoubtedly, something about a man in a tailored suit is reminiscent of casino-themed fashion.

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Nothing says serious and professional like a bow tie and cufflinks; luckily, tuxedos are no longer a requirement for formal attire. Men can now incorporate these items into their everyday looks. For instance, a sport-chic look is perfect for experimenting.

Mastering the Fashion Game: Casino-Inspired Looks for the Fashion-Forward Man

Like the Parisian style, men can put together a casino-inspired look by wearing Ricky straight jeans paired with a straight point shirt and a fitted formal jacket or a cashmere coat accessorized with the perfect bow tie and iconic cufflinks.

Accessories for a Casino-Inspired Look

However, the casino look goes beyond just a bow tie and cufflink pair. All it takes for a man to achieve an irresistible casino look is to wear beige pleat-front trousers, a white shirt with a spread collar, and a neutral-colored jacket with a pocket square.

Men can play around with their looks by mixing and matching. For instance, they can replace the tailored jacket with a print cardigan and a leather belt. Or they can choose a different fold for their pocket square, whether it’s the classic Cameo or something a little bolder like the Velocity or Zephyr fold.

If a man is not a big fan of formal attire, they can still achieve the casino look with a zip-neck sweater and cropped pants matched with Jack sneakers and an outstanding watch.

Casino-Inspired Street Style

Incorporating casino-inspired fashion into everyday street style can be easily achieved with a few simple steps. Think khakis; although they may not be popular, they suit the look perfectly when paired with a herringbone overcoat and turtleneck sweater. It is both effortless and rich.

Aleksandar Rusić for Massimo Dutti - New Arrivals Winter 2020
Detachable cashmere wool coat

Men can keep it sophisticated and spruced up by wearing cropped pants, a button-down shirt, a crew-neck sweater, and a leather jacket. On the other hand, casual casino-themed looks for fashion-forward men can include graphic tees, bomber jackets, and sneakers.

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When picking a graphic tee, men can opt for daring and slightly less formal attire; however, a casino look is famous for its semi-formal theme. Men can pair graphic tees with classic fit cargo pants and Jack sneakers or loafers to overcome this fashion obstacle.  

Casino Fashion for Different Seasons

If men are looking to adapt casino-inspired looks for different seasons, easy fixes do exist, and here are a few tips for an easy, effortless, and attention-striking look:

  • During the summer, they can select Bermuda shorts or city shorts and pair them with a plain half-sleeve t-shirt, a Cuban collar shirt, or an Oxford Button-Down shirt matched with Derby shoes, loafers, or slip-on.
  • For a fall look, men can experiment with different colors and fabrics for a seasonal look, such as an olive shirt jacket, a burgundy sweater, and beige pleat-front pants with beige canvas desert boots.
  • For a winter look, the options can vary, and layering eases the process. Men can wear a navy V-neck sweater, light cream-colored pants, then top that with a scarf, a duffle coat, a lapel collar trench coat, and finally, suede Chelsea boots, and they’re good to go.

No matter what you choose, exploring seasonal fabrics, mixing and matching colors, and layering options for a casino-inspired wardrobe is important. As you can see, a casino look can be worn differently; a Fashion-Forward Man knows anything is possible in the fashion world.

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