Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

Red light therapy is good for multiple medical treatments, including muscle growth. No matter which body part needs to grow more muscles faster, red light therapy can always help with it. Many experts, including sports coaches, recommend red light therapy for muscle growth.

The red light or LED light goes through the skin and reaches the muscles underneath. It provides energy that strengthens the muscles and enhances growth. Moreover, it also helps with the healing process if the muscle has been damaged somehow. 

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

Red Light Therapy: The Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

We may need proper muscle growth at different levels for various purposes. It always works regardless of whether anyone uses red light therapy to gain more muscles. Let’s see how red light therapy gets muscle growth at its peak.

Muscle Growth for BodyBuilding 

Many want to build their body muscles faster, but a good diet and exercise take longer to grow new muscle tissues than light therapy. So, some doctors recommend exercises to have red light therapy besides weight lifting exercises.

When a person works out, the muscles get enlarged, which can sometimes lead to the tearing of the muscles. The muscle torque increases, and lactic acid secretion also occurs. But when you choose red light therapy along with the exercise, it will balance the muscles’ torque and lactation. 

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

Thus, light therapy helps the muscles recover from the tears due to heavy exercises and balances the lactation. When the light reaches the muscles, it also energizes them to fasten their growth. Many athletic experts suggest having red light therapy sessions before a heavy workout.

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A study has shown that those who intake creatine powders have less ATP to ADP cycles than those having red light therapy. So, it will ensure faster muscle growth than the creatine supplements. 

Muscle Growth for Injured Patients 

Red light therapy is useful for those who have muscle injuries for some reason. It is common to have the muscle tense up from accidental injuries. That’s when you can trust red light therapy for pain relief and muscle recovery. 

The red light can go through the skin and bones, so getting enough photons is not impossible for the muscles. After the light gets through the muscle, the tissues absorb power from the wavelength and frequency. 

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

That is possible because body cells have a powerhouse called mitochondria which can store energy inside. It does the same when you undergo red light therapy. The energy later increases the endurance and growth rate of the damaged cells. Thus, the injured muscles easily gain the energy to recover and grow faster. 

Sometimes it is used to treat joint pains and eventually enhance muscle growth. So, the reduced time for cell division and recovery results in faster muscle growth.

Stress Relief and Hormonal Balance

You may know that red light therapy is good for people with mood swings. Moreover, low light therapy also improves hormonal secretion like adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, growth hormones, etc. 

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

The hormone secretion also ensures that the muscles and body parts grow fast. Also, your muscles prevent any tension on them when you’re not stressed. A complete balance of hormones and mood also fastens your body’s muscle growth. 

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Strengthen the Existing Muscles

Suppose you have no muscle damage but want to improve your performance. You can still rely upon red light therapy because it energizes the muscles as ATP power. Also, it can strengthen the attachment between the muscles and the bones or joints, besides growing new muscles. 

Thus, it improves the running, weight lifting, stamina, grips, and overall sports power of an athlete. However, the results may vary from person to person, but never forget that proper diet and exercise are necessary too. 

So, you can’t deny the multiple contributions of red light therapy to muscle growth. Remember that the 600-680 nm red light is good for the therapy, and you must focus on the frequency of light. Red light therapy can be useful for bodybuilders, sports persons, and injured ones. 

Red Light Therapy; the Ultimate Muscle Recovery Method

Bottom Line 

Red light therapy for muscle growth has added a new dimension to medical science. Now you don’t have to depend on energy bars or drinks to enhance muscle performance. Moreover, the powerhouse of cells also helps you recover quickly through red light therapy. So, you can go for it if your doctor suggests or prescribes it. However, you have to take care of the session duration and frequency. 

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