Balenciaga Haute Couture Fall 2023-24 Paris cover

Balenciaga Haute Couture Fall 2023 Paris

The highly anticipated 52nd Collection Couture from the prestigious house of Balenciaga in the fashion capital of Paris has arrived! Prepare to be wowed by their latest menswear line, which combines the perfect blend of exquisite craftsmanship and minimalist functionality, perfectly on trend for Fall 2024. Get ready to embrace style and sophistication like never before!

Is it really time to go for the creative director of Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, based on our review? Well, we haven’t solely relied on what fashion critics are saying at the moment. It’s more of a 60 (yay) versus 40 (naysayers) situation. So, is Gvasalia really on shaky ground?

52 Couture Collection Discover more on https://www.couture.balenciaga.com

“59 garments flawlessly created, tailored, and crafted, each one a masterpiece. This collection seamlessly continues the legacy of the previous seasons’ 51 and 50 Coutur Collections. It is precisely what it is expected to be, a true testament to perfection.”


For the menswear collection, Demna presents a stunning array of impeccably tailored suits with boot cut trousers. These suits are complemented by long winter coats, which add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall look.

To complete the ensemble, Demna includes eyewear as a must-have accessory, perfectly enhancing the style and adding a modern twist. Fashion-forward and effortlessly chic, each piece in this collection reflects Demna’s keen eye for detail and unparalleled craftsmanship.

I gotta admit, I actually had a blast for the most part. The denim and men’s section in the middle were totally unnecessary, but there were some seriously stunning outfits in there. I didn’t even mind the last one.

We totally love the gorgeous tailoring, the stunning dramatic pieces, the killer architectural lines, and the amazing textures. The casting is spot-on…. So psyched to see Saskia back and Danielle Slavik opening the show, along with the talented Argentine soccer player, Alejandro Garnacho with 7 Million followers, rocking his number 28.

A drab and vapid world, so smugly disbelieving, so pathetically minimalist, pretending not to care about social media, yet desperately yearning for those inexperienced wannabe influencers. Oh, those deceptive appearances that might fool you into thinking they’re fashionable… but seriously, dropping a jaw-dropping €30,000 on a single pair of jeans? And don’t even get me started on those ostentatious tailor jackets that are painstakingly hand-painted by some fancy artist. Sheesh!

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