Yeehaw! Meet the Celebs Bringing Back Cowboy Fashion

Yeehaw! Meet the Celebs Bringing Back Cowboy Fashion

Yeehaw! Could it be time for Cowboy Core to make a return to the high street? As we step into this summer’s seasonal style trends, it won’t be long before you see high street stores packed out with fringe trim and cowboy boots.

Yeehaw! Meet the Celebs Bringing Back Cowboy Fashion

As TikTok continues to drive ‘Cowboy Core’ with each trending video receiving over 150,000 likes, the idea of the coastal cowboy look is dominating the pages of social influencers and Gen Z fashion trends

The question is, where has the Western trend sprouted from? Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Styles fan, purchasing a pink Cowboy hat for Love On Tour, Or following Katy Perry as she reps her own dynamic approach to the American style, it’s clear that a few famous faces are driving the rise of cowboy couture.

Let’s meet the celebrities hyping up cowboy core and delve into the fashion trend taking over TikTok. 


Beyoncé is not only a mega-star but also one of the most influential fashion icons on the planet. Anything Queen B pulls off has been known to become an instant trend amongst her greatest fans. 

So, it’s no surprise that the singer/songwriter turned heads during her Rennaissance Tour when she appeared on stage in her iconic disco-inspired cowboy hat. Representing her Texan roots, Queen B knew how to bring an element of glamour to her Western style, instantly inspiring her fans to adopt the look as they joined her on tour.

Beyonce Rennaissance Visuals

“Texas is sprinkled throughout all of Beyoncé’s music,” says Bri Malandro, founder of @theyeehawagenda, a social media page dedicated to black culture.“She’s never hesitated to show love to her home state. I’ve been a fan forever and she’s always given me ​‘cornbread fed, Southern belle’. For fans, the hat is ​a very fun way to show that you’re down with the clique.”

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Emily Ratajkowski

Another style star rocking cowboy couture is Miss Emily Ratajkowski. Casually strolling around the streets of The Big Apple, the model has been spotted sporting a bright long-line teddy coat, classic blue jeans and, of course, those killer cowboy boots. 

@Emily Ratajkowski TikTok
@Emily Ratajkowski TikTok

We all know that Western-inspired footwear is all in right now, but Ratajkowski knows how to pair cowboy boots with effortless chic. Dressing up her other calf grazing boots with leather jackets, oversized jumpers and muted colours, she’s constantly looking fashionable in her standout footwear and designer shades.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is also one to watch on the style scene in 2023. Not only is this 27-year-old model and reality star fully on board with western inspired fashion, but she knows how to make a statement.

While on holiday with her family in Aspen, the trendsetter proceeded to show off her latest pair of cowboy boots covered in bold, plush-style fur. Not only were these statement shoes an Instagram sensation, but paired with a brown shade maxi coat, she rocked a cold weather cowboy look.

Kendall Jenner IG

In fact, Jenner is such a fan of cowboy fashion that she has been pictured wearing a tank top embroidered with the slogan ‘J’ADORE COWBOYS’, as well as fully committing to the trend with a line-drawing inspired tattoo of a western-style boot. 

Harry Styles

Like Beyoncé’s followers, Harry Styles’ fanbase picks up trends in seconds. After the One Direction member expressed his interest in cowboy hats, his fans have since rocked up to his newest Love On Tour gig in a sea of sparkling headwear and feather boas.

Harry Styles

“In the 1D days, someone threw one on stage when they were in the southern states. He just, like, put it on, and that was it,” says @harrystyleslookbook on Instagram. ​“I think it became a thing during Love On Tour when fans were throwing hats on stage, and he picked them up.”

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In fact, the term, Harry Styles Concert Cowboy Hats, has now received over 7.3 million views on TikTok, while searches of the term ‘Cowgirl Hat’ rose by 117% on the announcement of the singer’s new tour dates.

Katy Perry

Last but not least, let’s talk about the singer/songwriter whose changing room selfie stirred up attention in the fashion world in 2023. 

Katy Perry took the coastal cowboy trend into her own hands over on her Instagram page as she slipped into a stunning, chainmail style bodysuit, topped off with a bold silver cowboy hat and statement metal drop earrings. 

Dressing up to attend the Santa Barbara Carriage & Western Arts Museum in California, she certainly turned heads as she paid homage to the wild wild west. 

The question is, what celebrities could we see hop on the trend next? As cowboy core heats up for the summer, could we see AW23 celebrity fashion trends follow the same suit?

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