Dmitry’s Amazing Wellness Journey: Embracing Holistic Living and Self-Empowerment

Dmitry’s wellness journey is genuinely inspirational as he wholeheartedly embraces the holistic era and self empowerment. Today, we invite you to get to know this remarkable holistic coach and allow yourself to be filled with inspiration and motivation. So, take a moment to sit back, relax, and let Dmitry’s story uplift and empower you.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

He has embarked on a transformative path, seeking balance and harmony in every aspect of his life. With a positive mindset and a commitment to personal growth, Dmitry Strigun is embracing the power of holistic approaches to achieve overall well-being. By integrating various holistic practices into his daily routine, Dmitry has witnessed remarkable changes in his physical, mental, and emotional health. He has discovered the power of nourishing his body with wholesome foods, engaging in regular exercise, and finding inner peace through meditation and mindfulness.

Right now he’s in Mallorca Spain running workshops, and we’re really grateful to him because despite his busy schedule, he took the time to answer some questions and get to know Dmitry better.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

Furthermore, Dmitry’s commitment to self empowerment has allowed him to unlock his true potential and overcome obstacles along the way. Through self-reflection and personal development, he has learned to embrace his strengths and weaknesses, using them as catalysts for growth and resilience. Dmitry’s inspiring wellness journey serves as a beacon of hope for others who are seeking a more fulfilling and balanced life. It encourages us all to embrace the holistic era and prioritize our well-being by nurturing our mind, body, and spirit. With determination and a positive outlook, we too can embark on our own empowering path towards complete wellness.

Dmitry, thank you for connecting with us! Your Instagram grid is incredibly inspiring and motivational. Can you share with us a little about your background and where you’re currently located?

Hi guys, thanks for your kind words, it’s absolute pleasure to be interviewed by likeminded people.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

My roots are Russians, I grew up near Moscow. In my twenties, I moved to Central. Around my thirties, I felt suffocated living in my country, even though it was a modern, fun, and cultural city. It just didn’t feel right for me anymore. I gave up on everything and moved to London. I fell in love with London while traveling and had no doubt where to move for my next home city. I would not lie. It was very tough at the beginning. I didn’t speak English. It was super competitive, crazy but a beautiful and fun place to live, so I took the risk and stuck around. I lived in London for about 11 years. Then divine flow brought me to Mallorca. It’s been almost 3 years since I have been living and running my wellness retreats in Spain, where I’m currently based.

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As someone who appreciates your yogi lifestyle, could you recommend a beginner-friendly yoga pose that would be ideal for someone starting their yoga journey. 

Any, especially active pose in the most relaxed manner, yoga is not just a perfect pose, it’s all about trying new things, discovering new you, building new inner connections and creating unity within.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

Even just standing in a meditative pose, if we approach it intelligently, will give us physiological and physical health benefits.

Any intelligent movement is much better for beginner level. It’s all about how we approach the level/moment where we are and what we want to get from it.

“It sounds almost like life, isn’t it? That is what yoga is about; being in harmony with our body, mind and the rest of the world.”


We’re fascinated by your holistic approach to wellness. Could you take us through your personal journey and how you discovered the path to holistic living?

It happened gradually. I’ve been coaching people, sculpting their bodies, and I got to realize that it is not all we need. There is something more powerful and fun we can do with our physicality. Being in perfect shape won’t make us happier. There was something else missing. “The voice in my head was getting louder!” Then I got injured, practicing yoga (perhaps going too deep) and pushing too hard at the gym made its impact. Once I woke up and I couldn’t walk without pain, I realized that our exterior body is useless without internal strength. It took some time, tears, and money trying different therapies: acupuncture, massages, and nothing seemed to be working. There were some improvements, but the pain didn’t want to leave my body. It was a big frustration for me. I was getting physically and emotionally exhausted, living my life with pain for almost more than a year. One day, I decided to go on a mission looking for a solution. I said, “I will heal myself whatever it costs me, and if I succeed in it, it will become my passion in helping other people with similar problems.”

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Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

In 2017, I went to India for a YTT (Yoga Teacher Training Course) to learn more about my body and mind. It was an amazing experience. I learned very powerful body and mind hacks. Coming back to London after intense training, I was determined to teach what I learned with Sattva Academy. However, classical Hatha yoga poses and powerful expressive Kriyas might have helped improve my state, but the pain was not going away completely. I was disappointed but didn’t want to give up.

Some time has passed and suddenly on Instagram, I saw a short video with Simon Borg Olivier moving in his beautiful sequence. I remember as now, my voice in my head said, “That’s it, that’s what we need!” I was amazed and hypnotized by those beautiful movements.

In 2019 I bought my journey to Bali where my teacher Simon was giving YTTC on his philosophy of wellness, while practicing and studying, everything started to fall in the right places, even my lower back felt at ease. After that course my life has changed & that’s how my Holistic journey has began.. 

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

Incorporating holistic practices into daily life can be challenging for anyone. Do you have any tips or advice for individuals looking to embrace a more holistic lifestyle?

The challenge is only in our head, we just need to adapt another short routine / habit, like we do hygiene for our external body and we don’t question that. The same with these practices, it’s necessary for our well-being.

The secret to those practices is consistency. My advice is to start practicing daily for 8 to 12 minutes until you feel that your body benefits from those practices and desires to continue with something that will eventually be useful for the rest of your life.

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Dmitry, your wellness journey is truly inspiring. Could you share any significant milestones or turning points that shaped your perspective on your holistic wellness?

The turning point was understanding that we can’t treat our problems and body parts separately. It’s the whole living biological organism that interconnects and interacts through one system. Another milestone was the Mantra: “Do less, breathe less, stretch less, tense less, think less, feel more!” This could sound like the opposite of what modern yoga and society tell us to do, but that’s where we are gaining our Super Natural Powers back! Moving away from the standards, labels, and misinterpretation.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

“Do less, breathe less, stretch less, tense less, think less, feel more!”


Along your path to wellness, have you encountered any particular holistic practices or therapies that have had a profound impact on your overall well-being? We’d love to hear about them!

Yeah, it’s what I teach ATM: it’s a combination of physiotherapy, martial arts, and yoga.

It’s called Synergy Yoga. It’s when we approach our body as a whole – holistically, creating a communion, internal strength, and harmony within, enhancing vitality, energy level, and strengthening our external body too.

Dmitry Strigun by Annalaura Pretaroli

Are you going  to come to America with your Holistic Workshop?

I would love to come to America, perhaps in 2025, at this moment, I am focusing on workshops around Europe. I would love to share this powerful knowledge & beautiful practice with America 🇺🇸.

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