Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Shaving irritation or razor burn is when your skin gets irritated after shaving. Different parts of the body, like the neck, armpits, legs, pubic area, and face, can be affected by razor burn. Symptoms could vary from redness, itching, and stinging to a burning sensation in the affected area.

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Men do frequent shaving on different parts of their body, especially the face, making them more prone to this condition. So, to help you manage shaving irritation, here is an overview, plus some tips you can follow for a more comfortable shaving experience.

Pre-Shave Preparation

As mentioned, men should establish a pre-shaving routine to prepare their skin for shaving. Moreover, in the skincare ritual, you must prepare all the equipment you have to use for shaving. This ensures you won’t miss a step, allowing you to create the right atmosphere for shaving.

To enhance the result, here’s a helpful pre-shaving routine guide that men can follow:

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Step 1. Prepare the items needed. You must have a bowl, brush, shaving soap/cream, and razor at reach before starting.  

Step 2. Wash your face. Prevent microscopic nicks by using a mild cleanser on your face first.

Step 3. Pat a warm towel into your face. Run your face towel into warm water and wring it well. Apply it to your face to increase blood flow in your skin. Before applying aftershave or other after-save products you use, use mens toner to remove all traces of dirt.

Step 4. Apply shaving oil. Use shaving oil or pre-shave conditioner to allow your razor to run through your face with less abrasion. In addition, this step will also lift the hair, allowing more efficient shaving.

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Step 5. Allow the pre-shave to sit on your skin. This step lets the pre-shave soften the hair for easier shaving later. You can also lather the pre-shave or use a brush so it can penetrate well on your hair. 

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Factors Contributing to Shaving Irritation

Different factors contribute to shaving irritation in men. Let’s identify each of them so we can avoid them the next time we shave.

  • Blunt razor blades

When using a dull razor, your hair follicles might get twisted, resulting in ingrown hair.

  • No pre-shave preparations

You will also be prone to shaving irritation when you don’t have a pre-shave preparation routine. If you don’t use water and soap or other pre-shaving products, you will shave a dry area, which could result in irritation as the blade gets in contact with your skin.

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men
  • Sensitive skin

In some cases, even if you use a shaving cream or gel before shaving, shaving irritation can still happen due to overly sensitive skin. This could result in inflamed, red bumps that could be really itchy and stingy.

How to Stop Irritation After Shaving

If you have already shaved and experienced irritation after, here are a few tips you can follow to manage your condition:

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream

To reduce irritation, inflammation, and itching, steroid creams like hydrocortisone cream can help. Products with lower concentrations can be bought over the counter. Use it topically, and never apply it in the intimate areas.

  • Use a warm compress

To aid in the healing process and reduce itching, a warm compress can help. You can also apply a small amount of salt to the washcloth for better results.

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Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men
  • Use natural moisturizer

You can also apply hypoallergenic moisturizer to the affected area. Its cooling effect can help soothe the skin. Aloe vera and witch hazel are ideal moisture content for managing shaving irritation. Aloe vera has proven healing properties, while witch hazel has antibacterial and astringent properties, so you can avoid infection if you develop ingrown hair.

  • Apply cool white tea bags on your face

White tea bags have tannic acid, which can reduce inflammation. You can let them cool in your refrigeration, adding a cooling effect to the application.  

  • Wear loose clothing

When you cover the shaved area with a cloth, your skin will contact the fabric, causing you to sweat. It could also be that detergent could rub against the skin, worsening itchiness. It’s recommended to wear breathable, loose, natural fabrics after shaving. This way, you can manage the itchiness until the shaved area fully recovers.

Tips for Managing Shaving Irritation in Men

Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin

We are all born with different skin types and conditions. For men with sensitive skin, here are tips to help you avoid shaving irritation.

  1. Use exfoliating cream.
  2. Massage oil with a brush instead of bare hands.
  3. Shave with the grain.
  4. Clean your blade.
  5. Rinse with cold water.
  6. Use facial lotion daily.


Shaving is a practice that many individuals do for increased personal hygiene. By shaving, you can smell better and feel more confident about yourself. However, some can be prone to experiencing shaving irritation, but with the proper pre-shave preparation and other applicable tips, you can have a better shaving experience.

Follow the simple advice in this blog to look clean and fresh without suffering from razor burns!

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