Craig Green Men's AW23 & Spring 2024 Collection

Craig Green Men’s AW23 & Spring 2024 Collection

The designer is commemorating a decade in business with an expansive collection brimming with gentle contours, tangible textures, and whimsical narratives.

Craig Green is quietly commemorating the milestone of his 10th year in business with a dual collection that possesses a uniquely gentle and rounded aesthetic. Characterized by relaxed knitwear, inviting textures, and a prevailing theme of closeness, the collection exudes an air of intimacy.

The subject has retained his sense of playfulness without any diminishment.

Indeed, he could be mistaken for a ten-year-old, given his penchant for vibrant, ankle-skimming sweaters reminiscent of teepees, pointed elfin hats, and billowing ponchos inspired by striped storefront awnings, some even designed to accommodate two individuals.

Discover a stunning collection of jackets, trousers, and hats meticulously crafted with intricate lacing. Each piece is artfully constructed by seamlessly stitching together different components, reminiscent of the precision and creativity found in Meccano construction sets. Immerse yourself in the elegance and sophistication of these unique garments.

In addition, the artist has ingeniously transformed an Adidas Gazelle shoe, adorning it with an intricately designed abacus-inspired structure, complete with sliding beads. Moreover, certain models have been captured in artistic photographs, flawlessly holding crash test dummies, which resemble oversized plush dolls.

During the interview, he elucidated that the collection encompasses themes of individualism and interpersonal dynamics. Furthermore, he expressed his keen interest in delving into a more delicate and tender aspect.

“We’ve never really done that before. Everything has been very hard and constructed. Now we’re just allowing things to be as they are, to fall, drape and do what they want to do,” said the designer, who also worked muslin and calico into hand-frayed shirts with 3D stripes.

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The latest collection is now being introduced in stores, with a second release scheduled six months from now. Notable garments available this season comprise the elegant Tapestry jacket and trousers, the meticulously frayed striped shirt and trousers, as well as the sophisticated latch-down jacket. Additionally, the collection features signature elements, including the ever-popular Uniform jacket and trousers, workwear shirts, and quilted worker jackets.

Key stockists include Dover Street Market globally, Ssense, Selfridges, Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman and SKP.

Green is feeling a similar sense of freedom as he marks the big milestone. He moved his show to Paris pre-pandemic, but hasn’t shown on the city’s runway for the past year, although he’s been selling in the showroom.

Mr. Green has conveyed his intention to explore the possibility of resuming his involvement in the fashion industry. Nevertheless, he has underscored the importance of temporarily pausing to reflect upon his strategy and to explore fresh avenues for his professional pursuits.

Craig Green Men's AW23 & Spring 2024 Collection

“For me, it’s an end and a new beginning. In one way it feels like I started two years ago, and in another it feels like 100 years ago. It’s important to be conscious of the world, and to adapt in the right way,” said Green, although he didn’t offer up any details.

With his gaze fixed on the future, he also demonstrates profound respect for the past. The creation of the crash test dummies was facilitated with the assistance of his godfather, a seasoned upholsterer and the individual who initially imparted the wisdom of sewing upon him.

The artistically crafted figures, as he explained, serve as a homage to his architectural background, where he created intricate structures that often took the form of airplanes or temporary abodes. In his latest collection for spring 2023, his impeccably tailored workwear ensembles and striking coats and capes were tastefully adorned with elements such as suitcases, ladders, stirrups, and parachutes. This deliberate juxtaposition added an intriguing touch to his designs.

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Green staged his first show in 2013, a year after graduating from the fashion M.A. course at Central Saint Martins. He was the winner of the Men’s Wear Designer prize at the British Fashion Awards in 2016 and 2017 and the BFC/GQ Designer Men’s Wear Fund prize in 2016.

In June 2018, he was the guest designer at Pitti Uomo and before he moved his show to the Paris schedule, pre-pandemic, he was the hottest ticket at London Men’s Fashion Week.

In the past, he’s also turned his hand to films, creating costumes for the characters in Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” that were based around his fall 2015 collection. Actors wore Green’s hand-twisted jersey, long johns, skin-tight clothing and quilted vests in the movie, which was released last year.

His company is also a rare beast in London: a decade old, financially stable and independent. “We do our own sales, production and distribution — and we enjoy doing things our own way,” Green said.

Several new collaborations are currently being planned for the year 2024. After a successful six-year partnership with Moncler Genius, the collaboration came to a mutually agreeable conclusion. Furthermore, the individual continues to maintain partnerships with Adidas and retail through esteemed establishments such as Selfridges and Dover Street Market, expanding their presence among global consumers.

Green said some of those new collaborations are creative but “outside fashion,” and he didn’t rule out designing womenswear in the future. “We’re still working things out,” Green said when asked about the prospect.

Furthermore, he is contemplating additional methods to commemorate the anniversary, potentially including a retrospective exhibition showcasing noteworthy moments from the archives later this year.

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