Parisian Getaway: Nyle DiMarco, Model and Activist, Spreads Joy in the City of Love

Parisian Getaway: Nyle DiMarco, Model and Activist, Spreads Joy in the City of Love

Join us as we follow the vibrant journey of Nyle DiMarco – a remarkable LGBTQ+ activist, accomplished model, and talented actor. Discover how he spreads his message of love and acceptance while enjoying the enchanting streets of Paris.

Nyle DiMarco July 2023 in Paris
Pause café sous la pluie à Paris? 🙂 –Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco emerged as the inaugural deaf participant in the renowned television series “America’s Next Top Model” after being personally scouted by its producers in 2015. Demonstrating exceptional talent and determination, he went on to clinch the esteemed title, becoming the inaugural deaf victor of the show by the year’s end.

The 34-year-old model and activist employs his celebrity status as an avenue to enlighten his audience regarding Deaf culture. DiMarco, who hails from a multigenerational deaf family, consistently expresses his sense of pride in being a member of the Deaf community during various interviews.

Nyle DiMarco July 2023 in Paris

“Being Deaf did not give me any hesitation to be a part of the show,” he told People magazine during his “America’s Next Top Model” season. “In fact, I was thrilled. I saw it as an opportunity to not only become a supermodel, but to change the world’s perspective on Deafness.”

DiMarco achieved a significant milestone in his career when he signed with Wilhelmina Models following the competition. Subsequently, he attained further acclaim as the inaugural deaf participant to secure victory on the renowned program “Dancing With the Stars,” thus making history within the scope of international iterations of the franchise.

Nyle DiMarco July 2023 in Paris

Nyle DiMarco has expressed his sexual fluidity, stating in a 2017 interview with Paper magazine that he refrained from publicly addressing his sexual orientation until he gained widespread recognition. As his fame grew, the curiosity surrounding his sexuality intensified, and he found himself experiencing a sense of secrecy for the first time. DiMarco firmly believes that sexual fluidity should not be concealed or stigmatized. You can find the original interview by accessing the following link: Paper magazine.


“When it blew up, I was surprised at the reaction, because they all were positive, including so many media outlets,” he told Paper. “So many people related to me, both women and men. So many felt a sense of relief because they weren’t the only one.”

To raise awareness about the deprivation of opportunities to learn American Sign Language or English, the foundation partnered with Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids, a national education campaign working to support early language acquisition

Nyle DiMarco July 2023 in Paris

DiMarco emphasized that he personally witnessed the repercussions associated with language barriers, a commonly encountered hurdle among individuals who are deaf. According to a recent interview in People magazine, DiMarco revealed that his father, who is deaf and raised by hearing parents, had limited access to education in American Sign Language. This dearth of communication channels resulted in adverse effects, including physical abuse.

“I’d meet people who didn’t have access to a proper education or language, and those barriers left them angry and bitter,” DiMarco told People in April. “I started to see a pattern in our community that I recognized from my own father.”

Nyle DiMarco

In recent times, DiMarco has progressively amalgamated his activism into his entertainment endeavors. His Netflix reality series, “Deaf U,” which he produced in 2020, revolves around a circle of companions navigating everyday life at Gallaudet University. Notably, this esteemed institution stands as the singular liberal arts college worldwide catering exclusively to the needs of students with hearing impairment.

The 2021 Netflix documentary “Audible” is another project of DiMarco’s, following a deaf football player as he prepares for his final high school homecoming game. The film was nominated for best documentary short at this year’s Academy Awards.

Nyle DiMarco July 2023 in Paris

Clerc Studio is a production house founded by DiMarco that is dedicated to amplifying the narratives of Disabled individuals, constituting the world’s largest minority. Please visit their Instagram page to learn more about their work: Clerc Studio on Instagram.

The multi-talented individual, renowned for his proficiency in acting, modeling, and production, recently unveiled a memoir in the month of April. In this literary piece, he gracefully unveils anecdotes from his formative years in the pulsating cityscape of New York, while simultaneously chronicling his remarkable ascent to stardom. “Deaf Utopia: A Memoir — and a Heartfelt Homage to an Idyllic Way of Life” serves as a reverential tribute to his cherished culture and closely-knit community.

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The recounting of DiMarco’s Hollywood encounters takes a backseat to the primary purpose of the book – a heartfelt homage to a particular way of life. It offers a captivating avenue to delve into the intricacies of the intertwining identities of Deafness and queerness, shedding light on both historical and present prejudices, while highlighting the resilience and sense of pride within this community.

“Being Deaf assigned me a battle,” he told The New York Timesahead of the book’s release. “If my family were hearing and I were the only Deaf person, I don’t think I’d see the value in the fight. I wouldn’t see the value in advocating for my own rights, and I wouldn’t have learned it at home.”

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