Sizzling Spotlight: Exclusive Q&A with Stijn van Dongen, Amsterdam's Heartthrob

Sizzling Spotlight: Exclusive Q&A with Stijn van Dongen, Amsterdam’s Heartthrob

Welcome to an exclusive rendezvous with the embodiment of style and sensuality, Stijn van Dongen.

In this tantalizing Q&A series, we delve into the life, passions, and undeniable charm of Amsterdam’s enigmatic male model. Get ready to peel back the layers and discover the man behind the mesmerizing gaze as we uncover his journey from local charisma to international allure. Join us on a journey through candid conversations and steamy inquiries that reveal Stijn’s secrets to confidence, fitness, fashion, and so much more.

Get ready to be blown away by Stijn van Dongen, a total heartthrob male model hailing from Amsterdam. This guy is everywhere, you’ve probably seen him on rocking the latest fashion big names like Moncler, Tom Ford, and Calvin Klein. Prepare to have your jaw drop!

Stijn van Dongen for Moncler ad.
Stijn van Dongen for Moncler ad
Stijn van Dongen
Stijn van Dongen for Moncler.

We have the fortune to have a quick Q&A sessions that offer a peek into Stijn’s persona beyond the camera, where he expounds upon topics such as self-assurance, indulgences, aspirational travel destinations, and the essence of tranquility. Embark upon a journey to unveil the multifaceted facets of Stijn van Dongen’s captivating world.

Stijn, tell us about your journey into the world of modeling. How did it all start?

I was scouted on the streets in Amsterdam and then it went quick. After two months I worked in Tokyo where stayed for 6 months and then continue to work in Europe.

What’s your secret to maintaining such a toned physique? Any fitness tips you can share?

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It’s not really a secret. I work out on a daily basis and try to eat many proteins. Nutrition is the most important. This is also why people say “abs are made in the kitchen ;)” On the weekends, I am flexible and just enjoy. That’s my balance and the reason why I stay fit always. Any fitness tips? Yes, set short-term goals. People often want too much and go to the gym 7 days a week for 3 months. Instead, do something you can continue doing. It’s all about consistency!

Amsterdam is known for its unique style. How does the city influence your sense of fashion?

Amsterdam is indeed Unique due to the diversity of cultures and everyone is openminded, meaning that you can do/wear what you want. This also impacts my own style, I like to rock different kind of styles from more casual with Vans to wearing need Italian clothes. My preference is Black though this goes well with everything.

What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far in your career?

The most exciting thing for me was to shoot campaigns for Moncler, Tom Ford, and Calvin Klein. But I also had other exciting jobs, like shooting underwater with a suit on.

Stijn van Dongen

Confidence is a must in the modeling world. How do you boost your self-confidence before a photoshoot or runway appearance?

(Laugh) To be honest, I don’t think too much, I just do it. But I have two things always in my mind: “You can’t do more than your best” and “Everything happens for a reason.” So far, this is going pretty well.

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Fans are dying to know—what’s your idea of a perfect date night?

(Laugh) My perfect date night would be eating out, preferably on a terrace on a nice summer day, with some wine, and then seeing what the night brings. (Laugh.)

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

My guilty pleasure, ahahah! I am not really a sweet tooth, but I do enjoy savory food a lot. A good burger and Peking Duck are among my favorites.

Stijn van Dongen @svd_gram

Your Instagram is filled with breathtaking travel shots. What’s been your favorite travel destination so far?

I have traveled to almost every continent in the world, but I particularly enjoy America due to its diversity in cities and nature. However, I recently visited Mexico and it was also amazing. Tulum, in particular, stole my heart.

Stijn van Dongen

When you’re not modeling, what are your favorite ways to unwind and relax?

So, I definitely enjoy going to the gym, but I also like to meet up with my friends and watch soccer, especially Ajax and Real Madrid.

Lastly, what’s a message you’d like to share with your fans who admire you from all around the world?

My message would be: “You only live once. Follow your dreams, and if you want something, you can achieve it in most cases just by giving not 100, but 300%. And of course, thank you for following me! Stay tuned because more nice things are coming up!”

Stijn van Dongen

Thanks a lot, Stijn! Really appreciate you taking the time to share about yourself. Keep up the awesome work! And for all you readers out there, don’t forget to follow Stijn on Instagram. Cheers!

Hey there! Here’s a cool playlist put together by fashion model Stijn van Dongen on Apple Music:

Talent Stijn van Dongen @svd_gram

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