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Edgar Carrascal Spring/Summer 2017 Barcelona

Second day at 080 Barcelona Fashion, exploring always new fashion designer, here’s the work of designer Edgar Carrascal:The starting point is the mood in which I feel: I feel free and full of yearning, and I love to experience the freedom of the Duke, the man who is sent to the vastness of the sky tinted yellow in the photographs. R. Jr. Gurrey That sense of freedom to be suspended as a hawk on summer days when the sun’s rays golden stained our thoughts. For me, the costumes and expressive man hardened to life was full amplitude, wisdom and intuition. Mixed pieces of different lengths and abuses white, the yellow or green jade butter.

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Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2017 Paris

Guests were handed ice packs to cope with the sweltering heat at the Issey Miyake Men’s show, held in the courtyard of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Though uncomfortable, the modern venue, with its multilevel stairs, provided the perfect backdrop for Yusuke Takahashi’s cool crinkled suits.