Todd Sanfield rock that ass

Good morning followers, this week I have feel strange, I’ve change the name of the blog, but actually I don’t think has the same numbers of visitors. So I have changed from all places Twitter, Facebook and I don’t know if I can be available to changed again. But well, this photo is from Todd Sanfield and I don’t know the photographer. Chris Continue reading Todd Sanfield rock that ass

Check out Todd Sanfield and Chek into Motel/Hotel

The days of hot-sheet motels, where lovers could meet for some afternoon delight, are behind us for the most part. But model/designer Todd Sanfield (above) lets us fantasize in Motel/Hotel, the new limited-edition photo book by lesman Kevin McDermott. All the images in the hardcover coffee-table tome were shot over two days in McDermott’s home turf of Detroit. Well, Sanfield certainly gets our motor revving! Says McDermott: “I think there is a feeling of freedom associated with hotels and motels.  People can act out in ways that they may not while in their own environments.  They are sexual spaces—even if its a dive … Continue reading Check out Todd Sanfield and Chek into Motel/Hotel