Todd Sanfield for ‘DNA’ Magazine No. 173

Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-01 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-02 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-03 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-04 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-05 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-06 Todd-Sanfield-for-DNA-Magazine-Issue-173-140611-07

The striking Todd Sanfield in an eye-catching beach story entitled “The Virgin Island Diaries” captured by famed photographer Kevin McDermott for DNA Magazine No. 173.

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