Don’t Just Survive -Thrive!

Don’t Just Survive -Thrive!: Today I like to talk a lit …tle about why people aren’t living up to their full potential. To many people have the attitude, If I can can just pay my bills, I’ll be ok, If I can just lose a few pounds, I will feel better. If I can just get her to notice me, I might be …able to take her out on a date. Just two more hours of work and then I can go home. Forget that way of thinking! “You Gotta Thrive, not just Survive”. I want to Thrive in Life! I want to wake up with new goals in my mind! I want to do new things and accomplish more and more. Remember you only get one life here on earth you don’t come back for an encore. Don’t blame others for what you have control over!

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