Roberto Piqueras “Street Fashion Show” Winter 2012

Roberto Piqueras needs no Fashion Week to present his collection, for he only has to gather his friends, call the press, and randomly set a show in the middle of Canrobert Street to create the much wanted hype. Everything is spontaneous, having no legal permits nor any other music other than the flash bulbs.

Since last fall, the catalan designer lives in London thanks to the Burger King Project which granted him a cash prize at the showroom of El Ego de Cibeles. If when in Barcelona his inspiration came from the Pakistani, from Las Ramblas, and its souvenirs…. in London the outcome couldn’t be any different. He goes on using his broad color swatch, and his particular approach to geometric patterns, yet the the mood has dramatically changed to the realms of His Royal Highness, Elizabeth II, with Her crowns and diamonds and shimmers. It’s regal breakbeat hardcore street-wear that will most surely make his asian fans freak.


20120322-083118 p.m..jpg

20120322-083131 p.m..jpg

20120322-083141 p.m..jpg

20120322-083153 p.m..jpg

20120322-083204 p.m..jpg

20120322-083220 p.m..jpg

20120322-083228 p.m..jpg

20120322-083242 p.m..jpg

20120322-083256 p.m..jpg

20120322-083308 p.m..jpg

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