Kadir Kiliç Fall/Winter 2012

Kadir Kılıç Fall/Winter 2012 collection entitled “Keep the Streets Empty for Me”, is dominated by black, endeavoring to create an intellectual link on the key words like organic-geometric, neuter-alternative, minimally-expresyonel. Does not contain jurisdiction and a precise definition.

The silhouette which wrapped in darkness with the power of shadowy; complemented by a mysterious and captivating voice of Fever Ray which gives you inspiration! The collection which growing stronger with the intellectual relationship of between us reconsiders that new lux, new man definitions by image of an alternative male.

20120401-085257 p.m..jpg

20120401-085307 p.m..jpg

20120401-085311 p.m..jpg

20120401-085316 p.m..jpg

20120401-085329 p.m..jpg

20120401-085339 p.m..jpg

20120401-085345 p.m..jpg

20120401-085350 p.m..jpg

20120401-085358 p.m..jpg

20120401-085408 p.m..jpg

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