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Clé­ment Chaber­naud photographed by Txema Yeste and styled by Wayne Gross with pieces from Burberry Pror­sum, Lanvin, Kenzo, Ver­sace, Prada, Dolce & Gab­bana, Yves Saint Laurent and more, for the Spring 2012 issue of GQ Style Australia.

20120407-034608 p.m..jpg

20120407-034623 p.m..jpg

20120407-034618 p.m..jpg

20120407-034649 p.m..jpg

20120407-034654 p.m..jpg

20120407-034659 p.m..jpg

20120407-034719 p.m..jpg

20120407-034725 p.m..jpg

20120407-034730 p.m..jpg

20120407-034749 p.m..jpg

20120407-034754 p.m..jpg

20120407-034758 p.m..jpg

20120407-034802 p.m..jpg

20120407-034807 p.m..jpg

20120407-034811 p.m..jpg

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