Spring and Winter by 7v15 Social

One of the greatest fashion photographer that I’ve met is called by Luis Hc. His fashion project called 7v15 Social is followed by portraits, art, films, shoes, accessories and fashion; he’s from Monterrey Mexico. And he’s rocking his ass off to show that in Monterrey do we believe in art and fashion.
This art/fashion project is about spring-winter’s representation not at a seasonal timing although you could see as a viewer and what springs-winter represents to you.

20120407-050746 p.m..jpg

20120407-050751 p.m..jpg

20120407-050755 p.m..jpg

20120407-050800 p.m..jpg

20120407-050804 p.m..jpg

20120407-050808 p.m..jpg

20120407-050831 p.m..jpg

20120407-050843 p.m..jpg

20120407-050847 p.m..jpg

20120407-050852 p.m..jpg

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