So I Met this guy at the bar by Sean P. Watters

And, I had the guts to approach him because I couldn’t get past how tall and stunning he was. So, I gave him my number. We did a drive-by; We shot twice. And, this past Monday, he signed with Ford Models. No real prior modeling other than wearing some scrubs in a classroom once or twice . . . . oh, did I mention that he is a doctor? And, ladies, he is straight too. Now, if those photographs didn’t get your attention, I bet that last line did. Congrats Adam. I am so happy that I was a sloppy mess but still had the clarity of seeing your star shining in the midst of my haze. Now, go make him a star Blake. Happy May 1st. Wowwwww. It is May already.

All this you can find at Sean P. Watters WordPress.

20120501-124009 p.m..jpg

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