Jeff Wolf by Sean P. Watters

Well, the title of this post sounds much sexier than the occurrence. But, Mr. Jeff Wolf texted me last night with the exuberance of a 5 year old on Christmas Day. He had a surprise for me. See, this is what I call a REAL photographic Drive-by. We both had no expectations. Jeff’s surprise was that he dyed his hair platinum blonde. I DYED . . . oops, I mean DIED. I quickly scurried to find some cool clothes. And, then, I realized, he didn’t need it. The HAIR was the story. Just jeans and an army t-shirt. Now, who can top this? In box me and bring a change of clothes and DRIVE BY the Harlem Studio trannies. Let’s do it.  Thanks Jeff. And, Happy Thursday.

P.S. This was Jeff pre-BLONDE:

by Sean P. Watters

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