Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2013

With her SS13 collection, Astrid Andersen proves that lace leggings can be the perfect accruements to manly man. Also, she sent her models down the runway wearing shorts with transparent backs that may just become the next Met Ball ensemble of choice for Marc Jacobs. Not all was perfect, but canary yellow silk shorts are definitely something to look forward too.

20120617-063219 p.m..jpg

20120617-063224 p.m..jpg

20120617-063228 p.m..jpg

20120617-063232 p.m..jpg

20120617-063236 p.m..jpg

20120617-063240 p.m..jpg

20120617-063245 p.m..jpg

20120617-063249 p.m..jpg

20120617-063253 p.m..jpg

20120617-063257 p.m..jpg

20120617-063301 p.m..jpg

20120617-063305 p.m..jpg

20120617-063309 p.m..jpg

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