Sibling Spring/Summer 2013

A sportswear silhouette build with stretch metallic golden knit fabric was Sibling’s SS13 most defining statement. The models remained anonymous yet very much attractive behind semi-medieval helmets, which perhaps unintentionally brought focus to their bodies – more than they did to their heads. One thing is for sure, a lot of gay pals will be waiting in line to take those golden shorts outside, with pride.

20120617-090356 p.m..jpg

20120617-090400 p.m..jpg

20120617-090405 p.m..jpg

20120617-090409 p.m..jpg

20120617-090413 p.m..jpg

20120617-090417 p.m..jpg

20120617-090422 p.m..jpg

20120617-090426 p.m..jpg

20120617-090431 p.m..jpg

20120617-090435 p.m..jpg

20120617-090439 p.m..jpg

20120617-090443 p.m..jpg

20120617-090447 p.m..jpg

20120617-090451 p.m..jpg

20120617-090455 p.m..jpg

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