Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013

For making a multi billion dollar company appear like it strives in something other than making 1000 dollar beige trench coats for the emerging markets, Christopher, we salute you! Burberry Prorsum’s show had bionic sassiness to it. As usual, Christopher played with the never-ending possibilities of fabric research to take over our mind frame. Nothing was too garish looking, especially if you’re a male model walking a runway – other than that, it will be quite difficult for you to strut your stuff in Burberry. Les vêtements imaginaires? Count us in.

20120623-062236 p.m..jpg

20120623-062241 p.m..jpg

20120623-062247 p.m..jpg

20120623-062253 p.m..jpg

20120623-062258 p.m..jpg

20120623-062303 p.m..jpg

20120623-062308 p.m..jpg

20120623-062314 p.m..jpg

20120623-062320 p.m..jpg

20120623-062325 p.m..jpg

20120623-062330 p.m..jpg

20120623-062335 p.m..jpg

20120623-062339 p.m..jpg

20120623-062344 p.m..jpg

20120623-062348 p.m..jpg

20120623-062352 p.m..jpg

20120623-062356 p.m..jpg

20120623-062401 p.m..jpg

20120623-062405 p.m..jpg

20120623-062409 p.m..jpg

20120623-062413 p.m..jpg

20120623-062417 p.m..jpg

20120623-062421 p.m..jpg

20120623-062425 p.m..jpg

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