Thiago Terbeck by Fernando Mazza for Kaltblut Magazine

This is the first time that I saw Kaltblut Magazine and let me tell you this, this magazine has a lot of potential, in this post Alessandro Lázaro and Mauricio Mariano introduces us to anew concept of magazine, they team up with the photographer Fernando Mazza from Brazil, lenses the fresh face model Thiago Terbeck beauty by Krisna Carvalho great work I hope I can post more about them.

20120623-054641 p.m..jpg

20120623-054647 p.m..jpg

20120623-054653 p.m..jpg

20120623-054702 p.m..jpg

20120623-054658 p.m..jpg

20120623-054707 p.m..jpg

20120623-054715 p.m..jpg

20120623-054728 p.m..jpg

20120623-054721 p.m..jpg

20120623-054738 p.m..jpg

20120623-054751 p.m..jpg

20120623-054744 p.m..jpg

20120623-054803 p.m..jpg

20120623-054808 p.m..jpg

20120623-054758 p.m..jpg

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