Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2013

If you watched Dolce&Gabbana’s live stream like we did, you were probably left feeling a bit dazed with the hoards of Sicilian men (and children) who took over the runway. The man, besides wearing vintagy tops and cropped trousers, and generally upscale flea market paraphernalia, had a lot going on in the crotch area. A lot. We obviously couldn’t pay much attention to the collection due to this pressing matter that had us analyzing each one of the entries hoping to find some reason within a show, that besides an heartfelt homage to the roots of the designers, had nothing really relevant, or well edited to display. We guess the designer duo needs stronger statements, not original casts.

20120623-024722 p.m..jpg

20120623-024729 p.m..jpg

20120623-024735 p.m..jpg

20120623-024742 p.m..jpg

20120623-024749 p.m..jpg

20120623-024755 p.m..jpg

20120623-024801 p.m..jpg

20120623-024808 p.m..jpg

20120623-024815 p.m..jpg

20120623-024823 p.m..jpg

20120623-024829 p.m..jpg

20120623-024834 p.m..jpg

20120623-024842 p.m..jpg

20120623-024848 p.m..jpg

20120623-024853 p.m..jpg

20120623-024900 p.m..jpg

20120623-024907 p.m..jpg

20120623-024913 p.m..jpg

20120623-024920 p.m..jpg

20120623-024926 p.m..jpg

20120623-024931 p.m..jpg

20120623-024939 p.m..jpg

20120623-024945 p.m..jpg

20120623-024955 p.m..jpg

20120623-025004 p.m..jpg

20120623-025009 p.m..jpg

20120623-025028 p.m..jpg

20120623-025036 p.m..jpg

20120623-025042 p.m..jpg

20120623-025047 p.m..jpg

20120623-025051 p.m..jpg

20120623-025056 p.m..jpg

20120623-025100 p.m..jpg

20120623-025105 p.m..jpg

20120623-025109 p.m..jpg

20120623-025113 p.m..jpg

20120623-025118 p.m..jpg

20120623-025121 p.m..jpg

20120623-025125 p.m..jpg

20120623-025129 p.m..jpg

20120623-025133 p.m..jpg

20120623-025138 p.m..jpg

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