Prada Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign

Prada‘s full Fall/Winter 2012 campaign shot by David Sims starring the amazing Gary Oldman, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe. Together the four actors, each at a different point in their careers, represent a cross-generational broadening of the face of Prada Menswear.

20120624-045316 p.m..jpg

20120624-045323 p.m..jpg

20120624-045328 p.m..jpg

20120624-045332 p.m..jpg

20120624-045337 p.m..jpg

20120624-045340 p.m..jpg

20120624-045344 p.m..jpg

20120624-045349 p.m..jpg

20120624-045354 p.m..jpg

20120624-045358 p.m..jpg

20120624-045402 p.m..jpg

20120624-045406 p.m..jpg

20120624-045410 p.m..jpg

20120624-045414 p.m..jpg

20120624-045419 p.m..jpg

20120624-045423 p.m..jpg

20120624-045430 p.m..jpg

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