This is our first interview with a new fresh male model called Aurelien Febvay he’s working with De Paris Scouting -DPS, EXCLUSIVE for FASHIONABLY MALE. Enjoy!

FASHIONABLY MALE: Hi Aurelien, so nice to meet you, even if we are so far away, thanks for doing this, and please tell us about How did you get discovered?

AURELIEN FEBVAY: I am discovered by my current scout on the internet, and here I am, a model with De Paris Scouting international – DPS.

FM: How do you balance your personal life and modeling career?

AF: So far, I found my modeling career absolutely interesting, and hopefully as I go further, I will be able to explore even more. To me, life is unpredictable. However, I choose to be positive at all times, and will be doing my best to achieve my goals. I also do know that good opportunities do not come pass twice and I will seize every opportunity to strive and to achieve greater heights.

FM: What do your family and friends think about your being a model? Do they treat you differently?

AF: My family and friends are supportive and will always be, for better or worse, they will always be by my side. They are the most important people to me. Their support means a lot to me.

FM: What do you have to sacrifice to become a model?

AF: I was a professional tennis player, but the fashion industry and modeling has always interest me. And my scouts groomed me into where I am now, and I am thankful and appreciative towards them. Good opportunities do not always strike, and this is a risk, a chance, an opportunity. I took it, and I will work extremely hard to make this an amazing career.

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FM: A stereotype of a “male model” is that they’re dumb, what’s your view on this?

AF: That is not true, I choose to believe most of the time they are not. Every one is different, and variations do exists – model or not. Nobody is perfect, models included. I just wish that everyone possess basic respect for others. The world is so beautiful, take time to smell the roses and stop stereotyping models. Come on people!

FM: What do you think about fashion industry nowadays? What’s the best part?  and the worst?

AF: The fashion industry is like space, there are so many possibilities that can happen, people just have to be realistic and be true to oneself and not be in denial. The best part I would say… hmmm.. Partying? Haha.

We all know modeling isn’t always a bed of roses, models have to be possess good networking skills (apart from the good looks) so that they get more resourceful as time passes by. It does get tiring some times but keep adapting I would say.

FM: What’s your opinion about designer’s obsession with skinny models?

AF: Every designer have in mind, the image and the visual they want the items to be portrayed in. I feel neutral about it, the fashion industry does get a little crazy some times, get over it. When the demand is there, the models will be made to change to adapt.

FM: Do you prefer runway or shoot?

AF: I enjoy doing both actually. At shows, when the light hits on you, you walk like a supermodel and keep going on because most models want to make it big in the industry. It’s a moment that you will have to go through before you fully grasp what I am trying to say!

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For shoots, I enjoy moving in front of the camera, working with the lights and photographer, creating the best visuals, learning to work the my best angles and expressions.

FM: Since you’re in a competitive industry, how do you handle rejection? What’s the worst comment you’ve ever had from the clients?

AF: People are skeptical that I should try modeling, and I know that I am not the best looking guy in the world. People tell me to be realistic and move on. However, I always believe “Defeat is victory for the future”. I will continue to stay focused on my career, and to stay optimistic the whole time. It’s a matter of preference, just like how different people prefer different designers. Even if one client puts me down, the next 10 clients might just love me, you will never know, do you? Jajaja.

FM: What’s your definition of beauty?

AF: Outer beauty is shallow to me. What matters most is a genuine heart, being generally nice and warm towards other people. Fake people definitely are not beautiful to me.

FM: What is your personal style?

AF: I am everything. Haha. I love trying different style of clothes, from simple geek chic to street wear. A pair of skinnys and a pullover would be good. It’s who you are that matters, that confidence, that swagger. Style comes from within.

FM: How do you kill time during the shoots or the shows?

AF: I love talking to people, learning about their cultures, making new friends with the stylists, dressers, models. Some times I turn on music from my ipod, and compose some music, music about fashion, and be drunk in my own little world.

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FM: Thank you so much Aurelien, really a impressive guy rising star and so handsome, hope we can do a lot of post about you here in FASHIONABLY MALE.

*Thanks to Damien Pannier who make easy this online interview.

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