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Must see these mighty 32 shots taken by Sean P. Watters you will never forget

Must see these mighty 32 shots taken by Sean P. Watters you will never forget cause they are amazing, have the classic style from Watters his only way to capture every shot. In this time he worked with Fusion Models based in NY featuring these guys the blond one is Miles Montierth and the brunette is Tres Wuerffel. Both from Fusion. All clothes are by Rafi and Olga and TOPMAN.

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This is how Alexandre Eustache shots Théo Sanchez

We are in Paris, in the studio of Alexandre Eustache and he easily flashes around capturing every single movement of 23yo model Théo Sanchez, shooting across the studio to take the best angle of Théo, his assets are bottom and legs, he has strong legs, confirming by flexing every single muscle of his leg. This is how Alexandre shots Théo with stunning captures and iconic shots.

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♦2 BECOME 1♦ by Indestructible Factory for Fashionably Male

♦2 BECOME 1♦ is the work photographed by creative duo Spanish based photographer Víctor Guillén and styled by J.J. Ortiz aka Indestructible Factory featuring ginger brothers Iosu y Julen Martinez to stars this new stunning work. Make Up and Hair stylist by Ana Mimbrero. Featuring brands Milana Bonita, Hosoi and BTW | CTW.