This is our second interview  with a new fresh model called Aurélien Pannier, yes he’s the little brother of male model Damien Pannier, he’s working with De Paris Scouting- DPS, and he has a great sense of humor, besides he’s so  hot. Exclusive for FASHIONABLY MALE. Enjoy!


FASHIONABLY MALE: Hi Aurélien, so nice to meet you, even if we are so far away (Aurélien lives in Taipei), thanks for doing this, and please tell us how did you get discovered?

Aurélien Pannier: I was discovered by my Brother.

FM: How do you balance your personal life and modeling career?

AP: when you are model i don’t know if you really can have a persoal life, but in all the country it’s almost all the time the same, you have casting, job and also free time ! during your free time you can meet some people, learn how local people live her, visit the country etc… that is how i try to enjoy my personal life like a model.

about my modelling career it’s totaly different cause you have to be “free” for your agency all the time, it’s for that i said i don’t really think you can have a personal life. When you go gym, when you are on week end, or free time, if they call you for go casting you can’t say ” ho sorry i’m going watch a movie with some friends”  the first way why you are here it’s for work but sometimes it’s difficult to don’t forget that.
FM: What do your family and friends think about your being a model? Do they treat you differently?
AP: My family is really happy for me i think and maybe proud also. My friend make some joke on this work about all the stereotype you can hear but nobody treat me differently cause i’m still the same guy it’s important to don’t forget who you are and where you come.
FM: What do you have to sacrifice to become a model?
AP: Sure ! my home is my travel bag, i’m far from my family and my friend, you can’t eat all the time what you want… but i think it’s not the most bad work. No pain No gain !
FM:  A stereotype of a “male model” is that they’re dumb, what’s your view on this?
AP: My view on this point… i think you have dumb in all the world and all the jobs.
FM:  Do you prefer runway or shoot?
AP: it’s totally different ! i like both actually for me a good job, it’s just a job where i can enjoy, have fun with the crew and work, all in the same time.
FM: What’s your most memorable modeling job?
AP: The client can’t say my name, so i just tell her t call me baby it’s more easy ! and she called baby all the day so funny.
FM: Since you’re in a competitive industry, how do you handle rejection? what’s the worst comment you’ve ever had from the clients?
AP: I don’t really care about rejection because the client know which sort of model he want so if you don’t correspond you can’t take it for you..
FM: What is your personal style?
AP: Casting or job I’m still the same, make joke, speak with the crew and the client enjoy the job and be professional when the shooting start I think if you don’t enjoy what you do you can’t make a good job and after you will can see it on the pictures.
FM:  How do you kill time during the shoots or the shows?
AP:  Sometimes i sleep, sometimes i’m listening music or have fun with the crew….
Obviously we can see that Aurélien has a great mood to be a model, he’s not a guy, he’s a great male model, he’s a rising star.
Thanks again for having a free time to respond this question for FASHIONABLY MALE. Xtra Special Thanks to Damien Pannier and De Paris Scouting -DPS.
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