Yazi Gomez by Thomas Synnamon for Todd Sanfield Underwear


The 18-story tower of the High Line NYC Hotel is located on 848 Washington at 13th Street arches over Manhattan’ Down Town area. On a clear day the views are so wide that we wouldn’t even be surprised if you could look all the way straight into the studio of Thomas Synnamon, just outside of the Manhattan borough. And that brings us to yet another stunning view the Standard Hotel has to offer us. A view on Yazi Gomez. There isn’t that much to tell about Yazi, except that he has made name for himself as a party and event planner in Florida. Yes, Yazi is the man behind Karma Productions, the company that puts together many exclusive parties and events in South Florida. We also know yazi recently visited New York and by being so, he added a whole new dimension to Manhattan’s stunning landscape. And we also know that Yazi is posing in Todd Sanfield underwear, if in anything al all, which simple and classic lines perfectly fit the modern urban image photographer Thomas Synnamon has created with this portfolio.

We have known and followed Thomas Synnamon pretty much since the beginning of his photorpahy career and what a pleasure it is to see how Tom keeps developing himself in new looks, new styles and new techniques, without ever loosing his so well-known signature style. Thomas treats his models with respect and with class, and that reflects in the work he delivers. His set with Yazi Gomez is no exception to that rule. But what is so special about this particular series of photographs is that Thomas Synnamon was able to not only bring the exciting urban dreamscape of New York directly to us through his camera lens, but with Yazi he also added a new landmark to the already busy cityscape of the Empire City. Yaz Gomez will probably never make it into a tourist guide or city tour, but that’s OK. We can keep him as a secret destination plan, just for you and us.

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