Exclusive Photographer: Ronald Nyein Zaw Tan

Fashionably male is very exciting to introduce you this amazing guy name Ronald Nyein Zaw Tan A young male fashion photographer who’s living between Los Angeles and San Francisco, we can see that he’s got a lot of experience in men’s fashion, beauty, and portrait. With a great view to lens, and a good eye to casting beautiful guys you cannot resist to view his work. Thanks to Ronald, and take a look to his web site. Enjoy!

20120702-091105 p.m..jpg

20120702-091115 p.m..jpg

20120702-091120 p.m..jpg

20120702-091130 p.m..jpg

20120702-091135 p.m..jpg

20120702-091139 p.m..jpg

20120702-091143 p.m..jpg

20120702-091147 p.m..jpg

20120702-091151 p.m..jpg

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