Acrobatic/Dancer RubberLegz

I have to post this I am amazed of sharing this photos from acrobatic, dancer and model name by Rauf Yasit aka RubberLegz he has worked for Adidas originals and been photographed for Isauro Cairo among others. These shoots are taken by his Facebook page http://Facebook/RubberLegz.

20120817-110555 p.m..jpg

20120817-110600 p.m..jpg

20120817-110605 p.m..jpg

20120817-110609 p.m..jpg

20120817-110613 p.m..jpg

20120817-110617 p.m..jpg

20120817-110621 p.m..jpg

20120817-110625 p.m..jpg

20120817-110630 p.m..jpg

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