Winter Rhapsody | by Didio

Taken from excellent blog and admirable working of photographer Didio.

Was a cold afternoon and went up the mountain to do some photos in a beautiful cottage near the São Paulo … Naturally the environment is more relaxed and I love to enjoy these moments, they forget they are models, they are young and they start smiling, joking … ready!! my work is finished … Lukas and Diogo are represented by Elian Gallardo

20120903-052149 p.m..jpg

20120903-052156 p.m..jpg

20120903-052208 p.m..jpg

20120903-052214 p.m..jpg

20120903-052221 p.m..jpg

20120903-052231 p.m..jpg

20120903-052226 p.m..jpg

20120903-052237 p.m..jpg

20120903-052246 p.m..jpg

20120903-052303 p.m..jpg

20120903-052308 p.m..jpg

20120903-052317 p.m..jpg

20120903-052322 p.m..jpg

20120903-052326 p.m..jpg

20120903-052335 p.m..jpg

20120903-052339 p.m..jpg

20120903-052330 p.m..jpg

20120903-052343 p.m..jpg

20120903-052347 p.m..jpg

20120903-052404 p.m..jpg

20120903-052422 p.m..jpg

20120903-052428 p.m..jpg

20120903-052432 p.m..jpg

20120903-052436 p.m..jpg

20120903-052440 p.m..jpg

20120903-052444 p.m..jpg

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