Fashionably Male: First of all thank you so much for being the new FACE of Fashionably Male . How do you feel about it?

Milos Tanasic: I must admit that I am very happy and honored to be the new FACE of Fashionably Male. 🙂:)

FM: We all know that you signed for AK Model Management how do you feel with this big step?

MT: Yes signing for a agency was really a big step for me, but I am sure that I have made a great decision by joining AK Model Management. Much influence on making that decision was made by the owner and my close buddy Mr. Amer Kadic. I have a tremendous confidence in that man.

FM: How do you keep your fit male body, which actually you’re one fit beautiful body?

MT: In one word “healthy lifestyle”. It definetly takes alot of dedication and hard work. Different workouts every day with a varied and low calorie diet.

FM: How do your family support your career as a male model?

MT: They are very supportive, always by my side , looking forward to my every succes. They play a huge role in my career.

FM: Whats your best experience as a male model?

MT: So far there have been many great excperiences, but I must say that my last trip to Sarajevo and the making of the editorial “BOY IN A SUITE” by photographer Amer Kadic and the cooperation with AK model Edvin Celik toped them all! 🙂:)

FM: What’s your worst experience as a male model?

MT: Luckily so far I have not had any serious bad things going on. But what bothers me the most is to see people hate and envy me and my work without a real reason.

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FM: Who’s your favorite menswear designer?

MT: Uff tricky question, there are many great designers! One of my favourites would definetly be Adam Lippes. I love his work!

FM: Do you ever going to consider doing an artistic nude session?

MT: It has come up in my thoughts a couple of times, but I think its not the right time yet. I would have to be a great idea and something that would really benefit my modeling career for me to consider it a bit more.

FM: What’s your next goals?

MT: My next goal is definetly to go and work in some of the centers of fashion like Milano, Paris or NY.

FM: How’s your daily day?

MT: In general I wake up around 7 in the morning. I tak a look at my e-mail, FB and read some news, have a nice breakfast and study until I have to go to college. I am usually in school from 9-10 to 12. When I get home I have a nice family lunch and rest until its time for my workout. In the evening I study or just have fun with my buddies, go to cafes, cinemas or do some other interesting content. I try to go to sleep before 12. 🙂:)

FM: Thank you so so much for doing this Milos, any words for all readers and viewers in Fashionably Male

MT: You are welcome Chris! 🙂:)
Hope that you and the readers will like the inteview! 🙂:)


Credits: Photo by Amer Kadic

Male Model: Milos Tanasic

Exclusive for Fashionably Male

  1. milos is just sexy as hell. my wish is to work with him

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