EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Photographer Amer Kadic

First of all I want to thank you Amer for being such a great friend even if we are so far away …I’m so thrill and exciting to share the new FACE of Fashionably Male with all viewers and readers, you’re an amazing photographer, tell us a little about yourself…

Amer Kadic.- Thanks for the kind words and the compliments Chris. Its my pleasure to have you as a friend and to share my work with you.

Fashionably Male.- What’s your best experience being as a fashion photographer?

AK.- Woow I have had many beautiful experiences as a photographer. What I could single out is the satisfaction that I get when people recognize my work and the positive critics from people that have been in this industry for many years.

FM.- Who’s your favorite menswear designer?

AK.- Its not fair to let me choose only one designer hahahaah 😀:D. If I must name one then its Michael Bastian. His design work is perfect.

FM.- What’s your next plans?

AK.-  I am definetly going to focus mostly on my agency “AK MODEL MANAGEMENT” and starting with the preparation plans for Sarajevo Fashion Week.

FM.- What’s a requirement to be a male model? Cause we all know that you’re the owner of AK Model…

AK.- There are many requarements that a person needs to fulfill to become a model. Definetly you have to fit some parameteres regarding certain measures but a model needs to have some inner strenght to, he has to show some life on the set, expression plays a very important role.

FM.- You are from meddle East-Europe, tell us a little about of fashion in there, which are the brands do you wear it out?


AK.- Balkan fashion scene is not very strong and developed. There are many talented designers , but due to the difficult financial situation they do not have the chance to show their full potential. People wear all European brands but mostly they are oriented towards the Italian market.


FM.- What’s your worst experience as a fashion photographer?

AK.- I must say no bad experiences worth mentioning. 🙂:)

FM.- What’s next for AK MAnagement?

AK.- After casting in Bosnia and the region, we have plan to go out, with 10-15 best models, on the EU market
and from there I’ll tell you a secret, AK Model Management prepares first big Sarajevo Fashion Week so we are searching for designers and models.

Thank you so much for your time Amer Kadic we are so happy with your achievements, and thank you for being part of the FACE of Fashionably Male, any last words for all readers and viewers…

AK.- I would like to add that we are open for cooperation with the larger modeling agencies and scouts from all over the world.

Amer Kadic

Photo by Amer Kadic

Male model: Edvin Celik from AK Model Management

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