Modus Vivendi new lines and pictures – Dyer and Fisherman

Just released! New Modus Vivendi lines Dyer and Fisherman, part of their Retro Greece collection for 2013. Brand new stunningly sexy designs which we are sure you will love, plus some of your favourites back in stock! Highlights from the Dyer line include the new retro style, sleeveless vest and the unique “converter” tanktop and body! From the Fisherman line the latex fetish additions and the outstanding latex jockstrap and body.

Models: Stefanos Papadopoulos and Iraklis Kozas

Go and see new line collection e-modusvivendi.com/

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  1. very good dressman, very good body and simpatiek face

  2. […] Errikos Andreou. Muscular and stunning body owns Iraklis who is based in Greece he has working for Modus Vivendi Underwear […]

  3. Lane Kalous

    I’d like to see him wearing those slippery PVC waterproof boxers on over some plastic backed disposable diapers and a couple pairs of rubber and plastic and vinyl and PVC waterproof baby pants man!

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