December is one of my favorite months, so I decided to make an extra special interview to a newcomer male model from Aguascalientes, his name is Loui Diaz, signed by Ony Models International, welcome Loui and thank you for being the new image for Fashionably Male

Loui Diaz: Thanks for providing me the opportunity to be the new Fashionably Male FACE, is a compliment.


Fashionably Male: How did you get started in modeling and who do you get discovered by?

LD: I have always loved modeling, since childhood I remember in school I was invited to model the uniforms. Milo800 was the person who noticed me and saw my potential to achieve something in this wonderful world of modeling and since then has consistently supported me.

FM: So we are very proud that you’re mexican, and what does your family say about your career? how do they support your model’s career?

LD: I filled proudest me to see that not only in Mexico I could achieve my goals without the opportunities I’ve been presented with such important projects.
My family is proud to be one of the most important pillars in this is my dream, my supporters and Encourage me to keep going every day to accomplish my goals.


FM: What do you prefer, modeling, acting or runway?

LD: I love the 3, because in doing these modeling but is also important for my physical contact that occurs on a catwalk.

FM: We see and know that you are a very fit guy with a beautiful physique, are you always on a diet? How do you take care of yourself?

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LD: Thank you! I do not diet, just try to get my food to be as healthy as possible, I am very disciplined. And I love modeling and I also enjoy train in the gym.


FM: What’s your personal style?

LD: I think I’m always look very casual and very comfortable to wear garments.
FM: Since you’re in a competitive industry, how do you handle rejection? What’s the worst comment you’ve ever had from the clients?
LD: For me a rejection not a failure but an opportunity to find new paths that lead you towards your goal. I do not really touched any negative comment so far but once a designer did not think I was the best option to model his collection because I felt too muscular but his opinion changed to see the final result.DSC_01701FM: Do you think is hard modeling in Mexico, do you think there’s enough projects to work for?
LD: Of course it’s hard, being that it is a country that diverts your attention to some foreign models. I think in Mexico we need more projects for my greatest experiences I have had abroad.
FM: What’s your definition of beauty?
LD: Beauty is subjective. Not only because I think physical beauty also involves feelings, qualities and many more adjectives.
FM: How do you kill time during the shoot or runways?
LD: I try to live with my friends or else I concentrate on everything goes well.
FM: What’s your next project?
LD: There is a very good project to make a book of art photographs highlighting the fragility of the human body and simple but with emphasis on male beauty.
FM: And what do you think about MiLo800’s work?
LD: I was fortunate to meet a photographer like him, who gets impregnated and natural beauty in a single picture.
It is a big pleasure to finally meet you (even via facebook) thanks a lot for being the new face, we all know that you’re going in the right way with your career. And after this you’ll increase your opportunities. Any last words for our readers and viewers…?
LD: Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more Loui Diaz to demonstrate their support in this great opportunity given to me Fashionably Male.
Happy Xmas Loui!!!LD: Feliz navidad a tí también Chris.
Ony Models International
Hair: EGO Hair Salon


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