SPECIAL FEATURING: David Karamanis by Ian Horncastle

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Having David Karamanis from Crew Models International, in this appearance on Fashionably Male, is a blast, all I can express something awesome for me especially for the excellent work he has done lately with photographer Ian Horncastle from Sidney.

There’s another special featuring soon with David, STAY TUNE!


I am an Australian native of proud Greek heritage. My life at the moment revolves around my passion for fitness. I work full time as trainer in an aquatic fitness center. Recently, I started my own business, offering a series of Stomp Fitness classes.

I think I am an average guy. I have a sporting background of rugby union play and wrestling. I feel my athleticism significantly enhances my appeal as fitness and print model. I am eager to learn, open to new ideas, great to get along with and great to know. My ambition does not exceed my sense for decency and respect for others. I am available and hope for international assignments and travel. I am especially grateful to the recent Australian photographers I have worked with here in Sydney; Gabriel Felix, Jimmy Walsh and Ian Horncastle.

Gabriel is a close friend, he truly has a talented eye for male physique photography which significantly make photos stand out. I always look forward working with him. He fosters such a comfortable shoot environment, making it possible for me to perform at my best. Recently, working with Jimmy was an excellent experience. I hope to collaborate with him again some time soon this year. His fresh knowledge and style of shooting is so consistent with my modeling style. He let me go where I wanted and followed my every move. His talent shines through the photos. Lastly, Ian definitely has a great style of photography, I enjoyed his laid back approach to shooting. We did some unique things to achieve the perfect shot. I was challenged and motivated to stay away from conventional or traditional fitness poses. His ideas certainly pushed me creatively, which made the shoot interesting and fun. I have learned so much from these talented professionals.

David Karamanis

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  1. very good shot and dressman

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